The Man Every Woman Wants
Miranda Lee

ISBN-13: 978-0373130313
Publisher: Harlequin
Line: Presents
Release Date: Nov 15, 2011
Pages: 192
Retail Price: 4.99

Genre: Historical
Heat Level: Hot

To most women, Ryan Armstrong is irresistible—just the way he likes it!

But beyond business, the unbelievably sexy Ryan's only commitment is to playing the field! Laura, however, refuses to be yet another notch on Ryan's bedpost. She has no time for arrogant men, least of all one who can see through her severe suits to the woman within.

Ryan is the last man on earth Laura wants to share a bedroom with for a whole weekend—but she needs his help! Soon Ryan will make his move, and Laura's afraid that she won't even want to resist.…

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Ryan Armstrong is a heartbreaker with a capital ‘H’…

And Laura is in big trouble; especially since she told her grandmother that Ryan is her Mr. Right.  Laura didn’t mean to tell the ‘little’ white lie, but grandma wants to meet her conquest. Unfortunately, he’s got two strikes against him—playboy and client. Laura doesn’t want to end up on Ryan’s list of conquests, but needs help that only Ryan can provide. 

Ryan’s happy to assist Laura in escaping the hole she’s dug herself into. He’s pretty confident that he won’t touch her on their weekend stay at Grandma’s house. Yet, close quarters and a couple of conversations take things on a quick turn for the unthinkable. Only questions remain—are they willing to cross that line and will one night be enough?

Ryan and Laura are two peas in a pod when it comes to keeping business from mixing with pleasure. Both have been burned in the past and would like to avoid the same situation in the future. Yet, Laura is a conundrum. She downplays her wardrobe and beauty to avoid men, and naturally despises Ryan for his playboy ways and long list of girlfriends.  Ryan, on the other hand, seems to like Laura because she appears so innocuous to him. Yet he desperately wants her to open up and be a less of a ‘man hater’.

The two pair up for the weekend at Grandma’s house and the relationship growth really starts to happen.  Both have their own secrets that have made them the way they are, and those a spoon fed in little bits. I found myself constantly guessing at the big secrets behind Ryan and Laura’s characters. To be honest there were a few surprises. 

Man Every Woman Wants is definitely a quick read, and is written in such a provocative way that I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.  The backdrop of the Australian countryside and city environment makes for a nice change of pace. I also learned a few new words. If you’re a fan of Lynne Graham then this is definitely one book you need to read.

Reviewed by Landra