Ecstasy Wears Emeralds
Renee Bernard

Publisher: Penguin Group
Line: Berkley
Release Date: Sep 6, 2011
Pages: 304
Retail Price: $ 7.99

Genre: Historical
Heat Level: Sensual

Like all the Jaded Gentlemen, Dr. Rowan West may have his secrets, but he's done his best to forgive the ghosts of his past and move on with his life. Until the beautiful Miss Gayle Renshaw appears on his doorstep, jeopardizing his medical practice, his reputation, and, worst of all, his heart.

In her desperation to become a doctor, Gayle uses what she knows of Rowan's finacee's mysterious death to blackmail him into taking her on as an apprenctice. With his back against the wall, Rowan agrees, but quickly discovers that Gayle isn't as heartless as she seems. Captivated by his tenacious and brilliant new student, Rowan finds himself surrendering to temptation, just as the enemies of the Jaded start to encroach. Now, with both their lives threatened, Rowan may be forced to give up the woman he loves to save her life. .

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1.Too Wicked To Wed
2. Because You're Mine
3. Season For Temptation
4. His Mistress by Christmas
5. The Sinner
6. Unclaimed
7. What a Duke Wants
8. Scandalous Desires
9. Mistress by Marriage
10. The Dark Earl


The third novel in the Jaded Gentleman series is eye popping and enticing… like a strand of emeralds.

In Renee Bernard’s latest, Ecstasy Wears Emeralds, readers get to know the handsome doctor Rowan West.  Rowan is happily enjoying his medical practice, but his peace halts to stop when a beautiful woman arrives to blackmail her way into an apprenticeship with him. Convention demands he send the woman on her way, but Rowan finds his interest in her desire to be a doctor, her threats, and beauty too much to ignore.

Miss Gayle Renshaw just wants to learn how to heal others, and is willing to do almost anything to get training. Convincing Dr. West to allow her to stay is no easy feat, but once she’s in the door her enthusiasm and passion for the work lead to more than just training in the art of healing. Situations turn even more dangerous as the unknown enemies of the Jaded begin attacking Rowan’s friends and eventually Gayle.

Ecstasy Wears Emeralds is a delicious story and truly portrays the hardships for women who wanted to be more than childbearing wives, subservient to their husband’s lives and wills. Gayle is formidable and extremely intelligent, which is exactly why Rowan is attracted to her. As the stakes get higher, not only from the attraction between them but the possibility of death, both characters exhibit emotions and practices that are intriguing and enjoyable.

I found this story wonderful because there wasn’t really a damsel in distress, but an intelligent woman wanting to become more than convention dictates. Rowan is a hardened man, but Bernard does a fantastic job of letting his layers peel away slowly before the truth of his character is revealed. Throw in an appearance by the other members of the Jaded and you a have recipe for a good story.

Readers get a HEA, but there’s some gut wrenching to go with it. My only issue is that I felt the end a little too tidy. I expected the author to give more, in way of the Jaded learning about their hidden enemies, but the details were almost non-existent; which tends to build suspense for the next novel. Overall the story is realistic and grounded with period details of the medical world, practices and beliefs, which provide something different from other historical’s. If you like the Jaded and wondered about Dr. Rowan West, then this book is definitely one to add to the buy column.

Reviewed by Landra


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