Mistress By Marriage
Maggie Robinson

Publisher: Kensington
Line: Brava
Release Date: Aug 30, 2011
Pages: 352
Retail Price: $ 14.00

Genre: Historical
Heat Level: Sensual

Lady Caroline Christie has been separated from her husband for five years. Their brief marriage was a disaster everywhere but in the bedroom. Baron Edward Christie was the most proper widower in the ton - and marrying the scandalous beauty was his one impulsive act. Yet before he puts Caroline out of his life, he must get her out of his blood. And the more he learns about her, the less he wants to let her go.

Caroline was prepared to hear that her husband wanted to divorce her, spare them both the torture of passion they can neither tame nor escape. But his plan is more wicked than any she's ever heard. Life as his wife is suffocating. But she cannot resist becoming her own husband's mistress...

The Courtesan Court Trilogy


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1.Too Wicked To Wed
2. Because You're Mine
3. Season For Temptation
4. His Mistress by Christmas
5. The Sinner
6. Unclaimed
7. What a Duke Wants
8. Scandalous Desires
9. Mistress by Marriage
10. The Dark Earl


For a man of controlled reserve and even temperament, Baron Edward Christies’ sudden marriage to Caroline Parker, a scandalous and beautiful woman, came as a shock to those within his fold.  Before long, Edward realizes the gravity of his sudden and impulsive marriage, a decision that cannot be undone without scandal.  Realizing they cannot live together without his sanity being compromised at every turn, Edward sends Caroline to a house on Jane Street, a protected and well known courtesan neighborhood.  While he cannot live with her as man and wife, he also cannot control the fiery passion between them, making her his mistress by actions and wife by legality, though he has plans to remedy that problem soon.

Caroline Parker had an unorthodox childhood and aims to marry for a sense of normalcy and security.  When Edward Christie offers marriage, Caroline cannot refuse.  Tortured by the passion they have for each other, but unable to live in close quarters or be a suitable mother to Edward’s children, Caroline enjoys living in the house Edward bought for her on Jane Street.  When Caroline discovers her husband’s plans for divorce, she cannot help but have conflicted feelings of joy and sadness.  While being his wife is torturous and suffocating, being his mistress is something she cannot resist and does not wish to give up.

When Caroline’s scandalous writing career puts her in harm’s way, Edward promises to protect her despite her repeated rejections.   Soon Edward and Caroline’s arrangement sparks deeper feelings and Edward finds himself determined not to let Caroline get away.  His bold plan to win her love and trust is a big risk, an over the top gesture and a lapse of judgment that Caroline is not likely to let him forget.

Grab your favorite drink, a cozy blanket and plop yourself in your favorite reading chair, this one will have your attention from start to finish.  Maggie Robinson has a beautiful writing style that puts me at ease while capturing my attention completely.  I was drawn to this very original storyline and enjoyed the characters as well.  Both Edward and Caroline have their secrets and insecurities, Caroline more so than Edward.  Their relationship is addictive and puzzling.  I couldn’t wait to see if these two would iron out their differences and make their marriage work, or if they would remain as man and mistress for good.  There were numerous passages that made me chuckle while yearning for more interaction between these two.  I’ve included a small excerpt for your reading pleasure.

“He was an idiot.  He could have hired a hundred men to protect Caroline.  But no.  Instead he was sleeping on the floor beside her bed.

Of course, he wasn’t sleeping.  How could he when every sigh, every stretch, every shake of the covers reverberated in the bedroom like a shotgun.  And her scent—jasmine and clean skin and Caroline – was driving him absolutely mad.  He was as hard as the floor.

After a relatively civilized supper, he had every hope of joining her in bed under that intriguing mirror.  There were times during dinner when Edward though Caroline was actually flirting with him over the filet of Dover sole and baked figs.  She had changed into another low-cut red dress, and damn if the color was not growing on him.  The contrast between its ruby brilliance and the pearl of her body was entirely entrancing.  She had swept her coppery curls up with garnet clips and needed no rouge or lip salve on the warm August night to lend her color.  Edward has lost his train of thought several times while he basked in her beauty.

When the time came to retire, Caroline had handed him a pillow and a sheet and invited him to sleep on the little couch in her upstairs purple parlor.  Unless he wished to triple-up with Cameron and the kitchen boy in the attic, she had suggested sweetly.  Edward had tried to oblige, but he was a long man and the couch was short.  It didn’t take any time at all before he was tapping on her bedroom door, reminding her he could better protect her if they were in the same room.  Caroline had pointedly pointed to the floor.

So he was awake and woebegone.  She had the audacity to be asleep, gently snoring.”

The heat and unbridled attraction between the characters is obvious.  Caroline’s fiery personality and Edward’s uncontrollable desire to tame Caroline unite in fury and madness as they drive each other crazy.  Their heated discussions quickly turn into a hot passion that make their ill spent time together worth the effort.  I enjoyed this novel and would recommend it.  It had some very different aspects in regards to its storyline.  The characters were likeable and interesting.  Mistress by marriage was fun, entertaining and satisfying. 

Reviewed by Tiffany


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