True Love at Silver Creek Ranch
Emma Cane

Heat Level: Sensual

Welcome to Valentine Valley, where tongues are wagging now that the town bad boy is back—and rumor has it the lean, mean ex-Marine is about to lose his heart! But like it or not, in a town like Valentine, love happens . . .

Adam Desantis is back—bruised, battle-weary and sexier than ever! Not that Brooke Thalberg is in the market. The beautiful cowgirl of Silver Creek Ranch needs a cowboy for hire, not a boyfriend—though the gaggle of grandmas at the Widows' Boardinghouse thinks otherwise. But from the moment she finds herself in Adam's arms, she's shocked to discover she may just want more.

Adam knows it's crazy to tangle with Brooke, especially with the memories that still haunt him, and the warm welcome her family has given him. But he finds himself in a fix, because tender-loving Brooke is so much more woman than he ever imagined. Can a soldier battling demons give her the love she clearly deserves?

Just about everybody in Valentine thinks so!

Series: Valentine Valley


Adam Desantis did not have the best reputation in Valentine Valley. He was known as the bad boy who didn’t have the best family life. However, all of that changes once he went away to the military. Now he is back in town to visit his grandmother and he can’t help the attraction he is feeling toward his new boss, Brooke Thalberg.

Brooke remembers Adam from high school and doesn’t believe he has changed one bit. Despite her feelings in regard to his character, he did help her rescue her horses when a fire broke out on her ranch. Her father and brothers asked him to work with them while he is in town and Brooke is determine to keep her distance. It is just too hard when Adam looks as sexy as he does.

I love small town romances and the first book in the series is very cute. True Love at Silver Creek has the same warm and cozy feel to it. Brooke and Adam dance around their attraction. Adam does this mainly because he works for her and he knows he will leave soon. Brooke avoids Adam because she assumes he is still a bad boy.

Brooke grated on my nerves with her assumptions and beliefs. Despite the fact that Adam is very polite and caring, she still holds onto her image of him from high school. He was a boy then and is a man now - who has changed. It takes a little too long for Brooke to realize this, which should have been obvious from his actions all along.

My biggest complaint is that there is not enough drama or angst. Besides their hang-ups about one another, there really is nothing going on in the story. Brooke and Adam are a likeable couple but I didn’t care for their romance. The story is too predictable and I can easily forget about it.

The secondary characters are wonderful and make a great addition to carry the story. I love the old ladies from the town. They are all charming and funny. I look forward to reading further books in this series.

Reviewed by Samantha