A Wicked Pursuit
Isabella Bradford

Heat Level: Sensual

In Isabella Bradford’s enthralling new trilogy, three noble brothers—London’s most scandalous rakes—are about to do the unthinkable: settle down. Harry Fitzroy, Earl of Hargreave, is the first to meet his match and lose his heart . . . to a lady who’s not all what he expected.

As the eldest son of the Duke of Breconridge, Harry Fitzroy is duty-bound to marry—and marry well. Giving up his rakish ways for the pleasures of a bride’s bed becomes a delightful prospect when Harry chooses beautiful Lady Julia Barclay, the catch of the season. But a fall from his horse puts a serious crimp in his plans. Abandoned by Julia before he can propose, the unlucky bachelor finds himself trapped in the country in the care of Julia’s younger sister.

Harry has never met a woman like Lady Augusta. Utterly without artifice, Gus is clever and capable, and seems to care not a fig for society. After a taboo kiss awakens passion that takes them both by surprise, Harry realizes he’d almost given his heart to the wrong sister. While London tongues wag, he’ll use his most seductive powers of persuasion to convince the reluctant Gus that she belongs with him—as his equal, his love, his wife.


A Wicked Pursuit by Isabella Bradford, is the first of a new series, The Breconride Brothers.  And what a great first it is!  The authors research of the country setting in late 18th century Georgian England reveals great knowledge of the time period and subjects throughout the book.  This award winning author has written more than forty historical novels and romances.  If that in itself is not enough said, reading A Wicked Pursuit will prove why her success is great.

This book is a light read, must read sexy romance.  The book does contain explicit but extremely tasteful love scenes, which in my opinion is always part of a true romance.  It is a kick-back lazy afternoon entertaining read that leaves you with a satisfied happy feeling. 

The author pulls the reader into this engaging story which shows love can be found in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected person, from the beginning and doesn’t let go. 

I started reading and didn’t want to stop until I reached the last page, and then sighed because I didn’t want it to end.  This in-depth story proves that planning what the heart wants, and trying to control the heart with the mind, is not always what is best for the heart, in the long run.  Everything is always deeper than what appears on the surface, especially when trust and everlasting love slips in unexpectedly.  

This is a perfect example of beauty being only skin deep and proves that what seems like perfection is not always perfect, but how it can improve with actual flaws.  The characters find that everlasting happiness doesn’t always just slap you in the face outright, but might need to be treated like a fine stew, adding the ingredients one at a time and letting it simmer until everything blends together into something outstanding.
The hero, Harry Fitzroy – Earl of Hargreave, is your typical arrogant, self centered, rake of the ton who always gets his way in whatever he wants and whose main focus is to find the perfect wife he deserves.  The lady he decides upon is Lady Julia Barclay, a beautiful self-centered, wanted by all, shallow society’s sweetheart.  Little does he know just what a truly shallow, but flirty, person she is.   

Lady Julia engages but thwarts him at every turn.  Following her to the country to propose Harry has a terrible accident.  There is no way Lady Julia is going to deal with a hurt Earl as she, according to her, is way more important than any now not so perfect man.  She leaves immediately and returns to town, without even waiting to see if the Earl is taken care of.

In steps, Gus, Julia’s sister, a genuine kind hearted, hard working, taking care of her family, and very over-looked wallflower who prefers the country to the high society ton of town, and takes charge as is her custom.  Harry’s pride suffers, in addition with a broken leg, as others must help him and he wants none of it.  He has a long hard recovery ahead of him. After long trials he begins to understand that beautiful self-centered and shallow people are not so perfect after all and may not be what he really needs to spend the rest of his life with.  He begins to see reality with Gus’s tenderness, loyalty, and genuine feelings.

This is a first in what seems to be a great series!  I would recommend this as well as any other book this author has written. Researching I have found that this author, writing under the name Isabella Bradford, has written another series; the Wylder Sisters.  I have a To Be Read list and a Must Be Read list.  This author had been added to my, without a doubt, Must Be Read list.    

Reviewed by Rhonda