Challenging the Center
Jeanette Murray     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Sante Fe Bobcats
Book: 5


Michael Lambert is known as the calming influence on the Bobcats team. Baby Bobcat behaving badly? Call in Michael, and watch him work his magic. So it’s no surprise when his agent calls to ask him to watch out for an athlete. The real surprise is…it’s not a teammate. It’s a woman.

Katrina Kelly has seen some success on the tennis circuit, but she’s hit an all time low, thanks to a sex tape released by her ex. She’s become persona non grata on the tour, and between injuries and sponsors dropping her, she’s hit the rock bottom, both professionally and personally. But seriously, sending her to be mentored by a football player? This is not going to end well…

As Michael gets to know Kat, he realizes her sex tape doesn’t come close to defining who she is, and that she’s scared to death of losing her career. Kat sees past the stiff exterior Michael puts on and begins to enjoy the man he is outside of the favor he’s performing. But when their fledgling relationship is tested, will they turn to each other for help, or break apart under the challenge?