Hit the Spot
J. Daniels     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Dirty Deeds
Book: 2

Is this love or just a game?

Tori Rivera thinks Jamie McCade is rude, arrogant, and worst of all . . . the sexiest man she's ever laid eyes on. His reputation as a player is almost as legendary as his surfing skills. No matter how her body heats up when he's around, she's determined not to be another meaningless hookup.

Jamie McCade always gets what he wants. The sickest wave. The hottest women. And Tori, with her long legs and smart mouth, is definitely the hottest one. He knows Tori wants him-hell, most women do-but she won't admit it. After months of chasing and one unforgettable kiss, it's time for Jamie to raise the stakes.

Jamie promises that soon Tori won't just want him in her bed, she'll be begging for it-and he might be right. Somehow he's found the spot in her heart that makes her open up like never before. But with all she knows about his past, can she really trust what's happening between them? Is Jamie playing for keeps or just playing to win?

Tori Rivera will admit that Jamie McCade is gorgeous. Hell, every girl in their town would jump on a chance to get with the surf legend. Too bad she is not interested in him. Jamie is rude and says whatever he thinks. He flaunts his good looks around and Tori is determined not to be another woman on the long list of woman that has scored with Jamie.

Jamie has been chasing Tori for nine months and he is getting tired. He always gets what he wants and why should Tori be the exception. Jamie makes a bet with Tori that she will beg him to have sex with her before he begs her. Silly…I know.

Tori at first doesn’t want to take the challenge but Jamie starts to show up at her house and makes it very hard to resist. She easily gets lure into the game with him. After a few kisses, strip tease and flashing of body parts, Tori realizes she might not want to play anymore. One vulnerable night and Jamie pushes his way into Tori’s life and he stops at nothing to break down the walls of her heart.

I normally love this author and her humor but this one is not my favorite book by her. The normal humor felt kind of forced to me. The characters came off childish instead of funny at times. Jamie spoke like a teenager all the time. It wasn’t until he was dead serious, that he sounded like an adult. I’m assuming this is because he is a surfer. Jamie also is very crude in the beginning of the book. He goes off on Tori about a minor hit and run situation (that’s all I’m saying) but his language and the way he spoke about her turned me off. It took a while for me to like him.

Tori is hard to take because she is putting up a wall and she does childish things to prevent anyone from seeing her true feelings. I had to remember she is in her twenties. Later, in the story, her softer side is shown. Jamie did do some work to show that he was into her. He backed all his words up with action and that is when I finally got him.

The sex is still steamy. J. Daniels still got that down! I just wish there is more. I wonder what other books will come out of this. There is still Cole that we know very little about.

~ Samantha