Seressia Glass     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: A Sugar and Spice Novel
Book: 3

The author of Sugar and Spice returns with a tale of one woman’s sexual awakening...
She wants to have her cake and eat it, too.
Audie McNamara is unapologetic about her love of sex. Promiscuity is not her problem though; it’s choosing the right partner. A year after a hookup gone awry, she’s working to rebuild her life, but lately she’s been restless. Seeing the successful relationships her friends Nadia and Siobhan each have leaves her longing for something more. The thought of being in a real relationship, however, scares her unless it’s just a fantasy.
If she’s going to fantasize about settling down, it usually involves José, the paramedic who tended to her injuries a year ago. Yet there’s another face in her dreams: the irresistible dungeon master from Onyx. The thought of these two men drives her wild. When they both take interest in her, Audie begins a journey into a life she never thought possible. . .