One Mistletoe Wish
A.C. Arthur     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Taylors of Temptation
Book: 1

All she wants for Christmas… 

Everything schoolteacher Morgan Hill loves is in her hometown of Temptation, Virginia—her twins, her students and the charming community center where she's staging their holiday play. But now the building's new owner, Grayson Taylor, is putting sexy visions into Morgan's head, making the young widow long for a future even Santa couldn't deliver. 

As the oldest of sextuplets, Gray grew up in the media spotlight. His family's fame once helped Temptation thrive, but drove his parents apart. Coming back is just a bittersweet necessity until he meets petite firecracker Morgan. Somehow she gets the handsome tech guru to forget about big business in favor of small-town delights…and steamy winter nights. It's a life he never knew he wanted, but can he put his past aside to turn a festive fling into the sweetest forever? 


I’m a hopeless romantic and the holiday season plays on that big time. I’m always looking for a hallmark movie or romance novel around this time of the year. I jumped on the chance to read this quick and delightful read.

Morgan Hill is a widowed schoolteacher in the town of Temptation Virginia. She has been through a lot. She lost her husband and she is trying to raise their twins on her own. I commend her positive attitude and strong personality. The twins are a cute addition to the story.

Morgan is trying to get the holiday play up and running. The scenes where she struggles with some of the kids are funny. Grayson Taylor is the new building owner and he shows up as she is working with the children on the play. The building needs work and Morgan is apprehensive about Grayson and what that means for the play.

Gray is not looking for any romance though he can acknowledge that he is attracted to the young schoolteacher. They are around each other a lot shortly after the first encounter. There is flirty banter and some steamy sessions.

The mild conflict arose when Grayson struggled with his decision to stay in Temptation. It is not in the plans for him and the place brings some bad memories. He quickly resolves the inner turmoil and all is right again.

Overall, this is a cute holiday story. However, it is not a story that sticks around in the mind forever. Just enough to make you smile for the season.

~ Samantha