A Lot Like Love
Kate Perry     

Genre: Adult Contemporary
Series: Travel to Passion
Book: 4

Maui art gallery owner Leilani Wakida wants one thing: a holiday fling.

Since her fiancé Aaron died over a year ago in a surfing accident, Leilani's been playing the role everyone expects of her: widow of the beloved island son. No one's willing to tarnish Aaron's memory by even looking at his woman, much less touching her.

But enough is enough. When Leilani's offered the opportunity to travel to London to help coordinate an art show at a prestigious gallery, she jumps at the chance to kill two birds with one stone: visit the best art city in the world and have a casual affair. The last thing she wants is to be tied to another man.

When Leilani meets dashing British banker Coin Melbourne, she knows he's the perfect man for a holiday romp. Any doubts are banished by their first smoldering kiss. Unfortunately, he didn't get the memo. While Leilani just wants to play, Colin's playing for keeps.