Broken Love
Jillian Dodd     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Love
Book: 2  

Nudity clauses are in most of the contracts talent agent Cade Crawford negotiates for his A-List Hollywood clientele. It shouldn’t have been any different working with the beautiful Palmer Montlake.

The right cheek shown from the side in dim lighting.
Topless, wearing only a bikini bottom, coming out of the ocean.
A love scene involving open-mouthed kissing, wearing a flesh-toned body suit, and a modesty patch.

But it was something much simpler that broke them.
A flash of side boob.
Not a big deal. Side boobs are flashed in half of the dresses worn on the red carpet. As long as the nipple is covered, it’s all good.

Except he was negotiating the contract of his best friend’s little sister.
And he was in love with her.
When she broke up with him because of it, not only did he lose the love of his life, he lost his long-time best friend too.

It turns out all kinds of love can be broken.

Broken Love is a standalone, contemporary romance following Cade and Palmer from the USA Today Bestseller, Vegas Love.