Last Kiss
Laurelin Paige     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: First and Last
Book: 2  


Emily Wayborn has made a decision.

She might not fully trust handsome and deadly Reeve Sallis, but he is the one person that gives her what she needs. With Reeve she can finally be herself. Submitting to him is the only thing keeping her grounded as the rest of her life falls apart. But the hotelier is a master at keeping secrets and as she continues her quest for answers someone is making sure she doesn’t find them.

Time is running out and she is questioning everything she thought she knew about friendship and love. She must now make an impossible choice that will determine if she will survive with her heart...or her life.

I was sucked in from the first page as it left off right at the climatic ending of the first book, First Touch. Heart-pounding we discover the truth about Amber, Emily and Reeve.  This is probably one of my most anticipated reads (due to that monster cliffhanger from the first book) but there are highs and lows that left me on a weird high.

At times, this book made me uncomfortable. I have the same feelings bubbling inside of me when I read the first book. I feared it was going toward the dreaded threesome. While it doesn’t necessarily delve into that, there is that other awkward relationship between Emily and Amber that keep the feelings lingering.

Emily is a character that I felt shaky with. I love a strong female lead and Emily never gave that to me. In this book, she completely regresses into her shell and clamps down with the paranoia of her mind. The constant worrying about her stance with Reeve and her doomed relationship with Amber is the focus for the bulk of the book. The inner dialogue drove me nuts.  I needed Emily to figure out how to stand on her own. How to put up boundaries with people. I guess it is too much to expect that her of. Thinking back on the first book, the main thing that made me uncomfortable was that Emily didn’t have limits.

In book one, I felt as if I didn’t know Reeve the way that I was supposed to. That statement is 100 percent true and maybe purposefully designed that way by the author.   In this book, Reeve’s character is able to stand out more, showing the dominant and patient man that he is. I think he wanted Emily to get to a point where she figured things out. The one thing that I loved about Reeve is that he put his feelings out there.

Why couldn’t I really love this book? The answer is rather simple. The conclusion of what really happened took too long for the heroine to figure out. I wonder if she would have ever figured it out on her own without it being thrown at her with a pretty bow. Not to mention, I felt as though she was too broken to be in any relationship by the end.

There is mystery and suspense whirling on every page with every character but it never resolves itself. Well, it does in its own way, but the reason behind it is almost cheating to readers.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I encourage fans of the first book to pick up Last Kiss to get the answers that swirled around from the First Touch.

Regardless, Last Kiss is still a brilliantly written erotic tale full of twists, love and pain.

~ Samantha