Heart Breaker
Erin McCarthy     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Nashville Nights
Book: 1
Heat Level: Sensual

They’re perfectly in tune—but only when it comes to their music. This sizzling romance from New York Times bestselling author Erin McCarthy follows Nashville’s hottest country music duo as they fight for love in a city where dreams often cost a broken heart.
Self-made singer/songwriter Jolene Hart loves everything about being on top in Nashville. Well, everything except her very public breakup with Chance Rivers, her sexy masculine other half. Once the hottest duo on the scene, they turned Music City on its ear. Now their careers are as cold as their relationship. Which is why their manager has practically locked them in a remote cabin with nothing but a guitar, a bed, and time to do what they do best: make some beautiful music together.

As Nashville royalty, Chance has big boots to fill—and the pressure that comes with ’em. He fell hard for Jolene, but he couldn’t handle the spotlight, the crowds, and the fights that made headlines and killed any notion that love and success could go hand-in-hand. Still, Chance is more than willing to rekindle the one thing that worked: the wild passion behind their hit songs. Soon they’re making up for lost time, in the steamiest ways possible. But Chance finds himself wishing for the impossible: that their intimate hideaway could last forever.

Jolene Hart and Chance Rivers are the singer/songwriter “it” couple in the Nashville music industry. At least they had been for six-cohabiting months until their dramatic break up, accompanied with a guitar in the pool and sugar in the gas tank. Chance’s temper is volatile and he drinks too much. Jolene is ambitious and determined when it comes to her career. With contract obligations to their record company, they are forced to work together months later. They need to produce an album in two months and in order to do that, they “hide” themselves away a remote cabin/house.

That Jolene and Chance are still strongly attracted to each other the entire novel is obvious. There is no mystery about their attractive and therefore no real tension in that area. They are constantly thinking about how much they want the other so when they finally get together, there wasn’t that feeling you get after a period of building of tension. I wished there had been because I think I would have enjoyed that part of story more.

The reader discovers pretty quickly what the reason for their breakup was. I was happy it wasn’t due to any cheating.

The book picks up steam about two-thirds into the book with the introduction of Tennyson Mitchell, the new “It Girl” songwriter who is brought in by Jolene’s agent to help them with the album.

She was also young. And hot. And did Jolene mention she was hot? Tennyson was tall, thin, a brunette. No hips. Exotic features. Basically, everything Jolene was not.  

What happens next caught me by surprise, although I knew something was coming. It added good conflict to the story and brought some of the tension I missed in the first two-thirds of the book, which made this a pretty good read in the end. I look forward to reading other books in the series.

~ Susan