I Waxed My Legs for This
Holly Jacobs     

Genre: Contemporary Romance

A Holly Jacobs' Classic Romance...First Time as an eBook!

Talk about a sticky situation!  

Carrie's got a few problems. 
1. She's just broken up with her fettuccini-ordering boyfriend.
2. Her legs are covered in wax and it hurts too much to rip it off herself.
3. And maybe, just maybe, she's a bit in love with her best friend who never orders fettuccini and rides to the rescue when she needs someone to tear the wax off her legs.

Ever since Jack saved Carrie's life in school by giving her mouth-to-mouth, he's ridden to her rescue time after time. When she confesses that his resuscitation was her first kiss, he decides to show her what a real kiss looks like...and maybe what true love looks like as well!