Rule Breaker
Sienna Snow     

Genre: Contemporary Romance

She controls a technology empire. He controls her.

At just twenty-eight years old, Arya Rey has become queen of the tech world. While she is highly respected as a philanthropist and fearless businesswoman, no one would suspect that beneath her controlled exterior simmers a private passion. A desire never spoken of in Boston's elite social circles. A need for submission, for satisfaction, for the kind of exquisite pleasure that can only be provided by one man . . . her billionaire ex-lover Maxwell Dane.

It's been five years since Max and Arya last met. Five years that they've longed for the feel of each other's skin. Max always takes what he wants, and he wants Arya back. But it's more than the memory of her broken heart that makes her resist. During their time apart, Arya has collected secrets of her own. She can give Max her body, but can she give him the truth?

I’m torn on my feelings towards this book. On one hand, I did enjoy the chemistry and sexual tension between Max and Arya. Their relationship is intense and there is no doubt that they belong together. On the other hand, the story feels off. Everything is going at such a fast pace that I’m not sure if I got it all.

The author dives right into Arya and Max’s relationship. The two lovers once shared a passionate affair in South Africa. They have been separated for five years when Max returns to claim Arya as his own. Arya suffered a lot after her break up with Max. The trauma she experienced both physically and mentally left her cold inside. Physically, she can respond to Max but emotionally she clams up.

There are minor flashbacks of their past. The author gives readers a breakdown of what happened to the couple through conversation and inner dialogue but somehow that is not enough. The flow of this book feels like a 2nd novel which it is not. I often felt like we (the readers) should have read a book with this couple starring as secondary character before we got to this book. While I wasn’t lost reading the story, there’s a disconnect with some aspects of the story due to this fact. If the author would have shown their relationship before the break-up, this could have been perfect.

Max is a dominant who cares for Arya. His feelings are clear right from the start. He agrees to be Arya’s Dom but he wants more. He wants her as his wife and the mother of his children. He just has to convince her. Arya is very hot and cold. She wants him but then she doesn’t. The whole book goes this way until the end when Arya get some sense.  The secret she kept from him was poorly revealed. A man as powerful and rich as Max should have known what happened.

There are several other interesting characters. I’m looking forward to reading their stories. Fans who love alpha dominant males will enjoy Rule Breaker.

~ Samantha