Christmas in Destiny
Toni Blake     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Destiny
Book: 7

“Go to Destiny. There’s something waiting there for you.”

Shane Dalton’s new life is waiting in Miami, complete with fast cars and faster women. But first, he’s heeding his father’s dying words and stopping off in Destiny, Ohio. The detour wasn’t supposed to include a busted pickup and a blizzard. But Candice Sheridan, the cute redhead who reluctantly offers shelter, could prove a pleasant diversion. Trouble is, she thinks Shane’s bad news. And he’s pretty sure she’s right . . .

Candice had her trust broken once before. Yet something about Shane won’t let her stay away. By Christmas, he’ll be gone. Until then, she’s itching to stop playing nice and safe . . . and try being a little naughty for once.

As their holiday romance heats up, Shane uncovers a shattering secret and Candice is preparing to face heartache once again. But there’s no better place than Destiny—especially at Christmastime—for two lost souls to find the gift of sweet, surprising love . . .

Toni Blake brings readers back to Destiny for a holiday treat. Christmas in Destiny will get fans ready for the holiday season.

Shane Dalton recently lost his father and is alone in the world. He recently got a job offer down in Miami. The fast pace, beautiful weather and gorgeous women is just the right thing for Shane. Before he can go down to Miami, he must stop in Destiny, Ohio to figure out what his father’s last words meant.

Candice Sheridan loves her big house in the cozy town of Destiny. She has been in a couple of bad relationships and now is the time for her to just lay off of the dating. Too bad, Shane pops up at her door needing a place to crash after he totals his vehicle in the blizzard. Candice is skeptical of him but she could never kick someone out in the storm.

Shane’s plans are derailed once he learns that he is stuck in town for a few weeks. He has little to no money to front a cost like this. An opportunity is afforded to Shane to stay with one of the locals and help the town recover while he waits for his car. While he is settling in town and enjoying the holiday spirit with the rest of the folks, he can’t help but to try to win over Candice.

The romance between Shane and Candice is like a slow burn. It is so sweet and delicious. The sense of community is the major draw for this story. Ms. Blake knows how to create wonderful characters who tug on your heart strings.

Shane is continuing to look for his father’s past but with little luck. There is a little “shocker” at what he discovers. He is a bit hurt and it shakes things up with Candice. I think it resolves itself pretty well but it is a big issue to tackle.

This is such a cute “feel good” holiday romance. I’m still enthralled with this series and look forward to the next book.

~ Samantha