A Dangerous Deception
L.R. Olson     

Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Dangerous
Vol: 1of 3

Four brothers. James the strong and sure. Rafe the irresponsible rake. Oliver the cold and clinical. Then there was William. William the honorable Knight in Shining Armor. 

After years of ignoring the whispered rumors about his disreputable family, William has a plan. His dream of becoming a solider will bring respect to the family name, and help England forget decades of mishaps. Everything in his carefully constructed life is going as planned, until he meets Lillian. From the moment she steps from the carriage he knows she belongs to him. But how can their passionate affair lead to a happily ever when she’s already engaged to his cousin? 

Please Note: This is a serial; a romance told in three volumes. Volume one is a little over 30,000 words and ends on a cliffhanger. Because of cursing and content, these volumes are recommended for readers eighteen years of age and older.

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