Deadly Fate
Heather Graham     

Genre: Mystery Suspense
Series: Krewe of Hunters
Book: 19

Alaska—the final frontier? 

When Clara Avery, an entertainer working on the Fate, an Alaskan cruise ship, goes to nearby Bear Island, she comes across a scene of bloody mayhem. She also comes across Thor Erikson, who will soon be a member of the FBI's elite paranormal unit, the Krewe of Hunters. 

Thor's been sent from the Alaska field office to investigate several grotesque killings, with the dead posed to resemble the victims of notorious murderers. The prime suspect is a serial killer Thor once put behind bars. The man escaped from a prison in the Midwest, and all the evidence says he was headed to Alaska… 

Thor and Clara share an unusual skill: the ability to communicate with the dead. Their growing love—and their contact with the ghosts of the victims—brings them together to solve the case…and prevent a deadly fate of their own!

Clara Avery is excited to have the lead role in a play being performed on the Fate, an Alaskan cruise ship. On a trip ashore to Bear Island, Clara comes across a gruesome crime scene. She gets caught up in the murder investigation when someone unexpected who is associated with the murders reaches out to her for help. Avery soon gets caught up in the investigation, in part because of her attraction to one of the investigators, Thor Erikson. Thor, along with members of the FBI’s special paranormal squad called the Krewe of Hunters, are determined to stop a dangerous serial killer before he strikes again.

The Krewe of Hunters are elite investigators that have special paranormal abilities. Thor is able to see and communicate with ghosts and uses this ability to help solve crimes. Although the circumstances are far from ideal, Thor and Clara can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. The book, like others by Graham, has a nice mixture of mystery, paranormal, and romance. Graham has a unique ability to make the paranormal elements in the book seem perfectly believable. It didn’t seem strange at all for Thor to be talking to a murder victim!

Most books in the Krewe of Hunters series have some characters in common, but read as standalones. However, many of the characters in this book also appeared in the prior book, Haunted Destiny. This made it more difficult than usual to get to know Clara and her fellow actors. I liked the book, but think I would have enjoyed it more if I had read the prior book first. Thor was a great hero and was protective but respectful of Clara. There are a few steamy scenes with Thor and Clara to show the passion and romance between the two characters. I like Clara and Thor as a couple, even though Clara sometimes seems a little too good to be true.

At first, the ending seems too pat, but a final twist gives readers one last surprise before the story is resolved with a satisfying conclusion. I have read several other books in the Krewe of Hunters series and although this isn’t my favorite in the series, due to not connecting with all the characters and some gory descriptions of violent murders, it’s still an interesting story. Overall, I enjoyed the book, especially the connection between Clara and Thor and how they worked together to get justice for the murder victims.

~ Christine