She Shoots to Conquer
Dorothy Cannell     

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Series: Ellie Haskell
Book: 2

A dark foggy night. A big spooky mansion. And a reality TV dating show? It’s not exactly the scene Ellie Haskell expects to find while stranded near the Yorkshire moors with her husband, Ben, and their plucky housekeeper, Mrs. Malloy—who promptly signs up as a contestant when she learns that the bachelorettes are competing for the affections of Lord Belfry himself. Then again, maybe Ellie shouldn’t be so surprised. Some women would kill to marry a lord . . . perhaps literally.
Even before the shooting starts, one would-be bride is knocked out of the game by a fatal car wreck. Then another is struck by Cupid’s arrow in an archery event. Ellie is beginning to suspect that murder is a grim inevitability on this doomed production. Somewhere in the dark passageways and hidden nooks of Mucklesfeld Manor, another life is about to be canceled—but Ellie will do anything to ensure that she and her friends make it back to reality unscathed.