Fly Away With Me
Susan Fox     

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Blue Moon Harbor
Book: 1

Known for its rugged beauty and eccentric residents, tiny Blue Moon Harbor is big on love . . .

For busy lawyer Eden Blaine, a trip to a Pacific Northwest island she’s never even heard of is far from a vacation. Eden’s ailing mother has tasked her with finding her long-lost aunt, who once had ties to a commune on the island.  Still reeling from a breakup with her longtime boyfriend, romance is the last thing Eden is looking for. But her gorgeous seaplane pilot has her wondering if a carefree rebound fling is exactly what she needs. . .
Aaron Gabriel has no illusions about happily ever after. His troubled childhood made sure of that. But he does appreciate a pretty woman’s company, and Eden is the exact combination of smart and sexy that turns him on. Still, as he helps her search for her missing aunt, the casual relationship he imagined quickly becomes something much more passionate—and much harder to give up. Can two people determined to ignore romance recognize that their heated connection is the kind of love destined to last?

Eden is on her way to a small island called Destiny (located somewhere close to Vancouver) to find her long lost Aunt who her mother is searching for. Her mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and fears that she may never know what happened to her older sister. Eden has one week to find out what happened. She gets a little more than she bargains for when she works closely with her pilot.

Ah, where do I start? I’m not sure. This is one of those cozy beach reads which is exactly where I read the story. You can just kick back and enjoy the entertainment value of it. It is nothing memorable. I struggled with keeping interest in what was happening.

I think the main thing is that I didn’t connect with any of the main characters. Aaron is pushy from the very start. From the moment he speaks to Eden in the airplane to Destiny Island, he is pushing up on her for something sexual. He is young and doesn’t want anything serious. I know the story takes place over a week so I expect things to move quickly but something about how pushy he is turned me off from him immediately.

Of course, Eden enlists Aaron’s help to find her aunt because the locals are not that willing to talk to a stranger. We can assume that her Aunt Lucy may have changed her name, etc. They attempt (weakly) to find out what happened. In the meantime, they explore a fun week of sexual interactions.

The side story of the mystery surrounding Eden’s aunt disappearance and the commune is what kept my interest. I had to know what happened to her. The story is interesting and all works out pretty nicely. I actually want to know more about some of the characters such as Aaron’s sister, and other members of the commune.

Overall, this is a pretty decent read. I would revisit the series again.

~ Samantha