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  1. I voted for Last Night’s Scandal. Loved that book. How is it possible Loretta can be so far behind?

  2. Between Tessa Dare and Alexandra Hawkins!

  3. Voted. ^^ I love seeing these posts with the pictures. It really captures my interest more to see the cover of the books rather than just the title sometimes.

  4. I love looking at all the new books coming out each month!

  5. I’ve voted! :)

  6. They are all so pretty. I really liked the Montana Dawn book cover.

  7. ah so many good books… i voted but it was really hard!

  8. wow..so many good books but I know which was the best.

  9. Of the books that I’ve read so far, Wicked Intentions is my favorite. However, I have high hopes for Last Night’s Scandal and Three Nights with a Scoundrel.

  10. I’m two thirds of the way through “Last Night’s Scandal” and I love it. It is so funny and romantic.

    The polls end so early and I had only read one of the August books and I liked it, so I voted for it. Now I wish I could cast my vote again for LNS (since it’s spectacular).

    Mostly, I’m reading the forty or so books I bought in May, June, and July!!! I’m neglecting my work around the house and garden. Horrors! I read ’til 1:30 to 3:00 a.m.. I feel I’ll never catch up with the books I want to read with writers writing multiple books per year. Tessa Dare wrote six in a twelve month span and Mary Balogh wrote three hardcovers and three paperbacks, plus had a reissue of an old one in a year and a half. I love these writers, but it’s just hard to keep up.

    So many books, so little time.

  11. Great selections. Not enough time to read them all this month.

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