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September 19, 2010

What are we going to be doing on the blog in the coming weeks. Oh lots of fun stuff. 😉

On Tuesday, I’ll be joined by Sophie Jordan and we’re going to be chatting about her new Young Adult novel, FIRELIGHT and how she’s juggling writing in three different genres.

Also on Tuesday the October issue will go live on the website. There’s a lot of really great Top Picks this month and even some reviews from books that missed the cut off deadline from previous months. I’ll post more about the new issue on Tuesday.

On Wednesday will be another Authors Under the Radar post. Do I know who that is yet? Um, no, but I’m looking.

Thursday I’ll be giving away some books. I have a nice stash of October releases I’d better get working on.

Friday I’ll be discussing my Fabulous Find of the month and giving away a copy of that book.


In other news, I’ve updated the blog page to make it mirror the site exactly with a slight caveat. If you click on the BLOG image on the header, it will take you to the homepage of this blog. However, if you click anywhere else on the header, it will take you to the homepage of The Season website. That’s just an FYI in case you’re on the comment screen or another blog page and want to get back to the blog homepage  in just one click.

In the coming week or so, I’ll be announcing this year’s The Season Writing Contest. Last year I did a Pitch Contest, this year I want to do something more fun. I’m basing this contest on Avon Fanlit (which I really credit for giving me the courage and motivation to write and complete my first book, SINFUL SURRENDER).

Entrants will have to write a 1600 word scene or scenes and the readers will be the judges, voting on whose they think is the best. There will be semi and then final round. The grand prize winner will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card (nice to have right before Christmas) and a 25 page critique from an agent or editor. Second prize winner will also receive a 25 page critique from an editor or agent. There might be a third prize winner if I can rope another agent or editor into doing this. 😉 But stay tuned, I’ll be posting more about this contest hopefully fairly soon.

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  1. You have some great things coming up. Should be a good week.

  2. I really want to enter the writing contest someday

  3. Looking forward to another fab week!

  4. Looking forward to it. I can’t wait until the writing contest though. :-)

  5. Every week is a great week here at the blog. Another gone coming. You’re definitely spoiling us Beverley and I think we LOVE it. :)
    Carol L.

  6. Looks like lots of fun in store. Glad I make this a regular stopping place.

    I just bought The Warrior by Zoe Archer because of the rah-rah here….hehe!!!

    in Germany

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. Great new newsletter, Bev! Looks like the TBR pile is heading for overload again!

  9. What a fun week you have in store for us Bev!!

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