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15,000 Copies Sold…Now let’s give away an iPad 3

June 8, 2012

To be completely honest when I set the goal of selling 15,000 copies of AN HEIR OF DECEPTION back on April 29th, it felt like a stretch goal. I thought it was a decent 6 month goal. I also thought, boy if I reach that goal, one of my fans and supporters really deserves to win an iPad 3 so that’s what I put out there: AN HEIR OF DECEPTION sells 15,000 copies and someone is getting an iPad 3.

Well HOLY GEEZ and SQUEEEEEEE, sometime in the wee hours of the morning on June 8 (that would be today), AN HEIR OF DECEPTION sold its 15,000th copy!!!! The count is currently at 15,054. It took exactly 6 weeks and 4 days.

All I can say is THANK YOU!!!! I have always contended and will always contend that I have the best fans in the world. Loyal, supportive, unfailingly kind and the best cheerleaders an author can ever have. You have totally made this possible and in the process, made one of my biggest dreams come true: to be a full-time writer. Again, I thank you. :)

Now let’s win an iPad 3 shall we? Comment on this post and you’ll be entered and will receive 1 (one) entry. Please include real name in comment.

Other Ways to Have Entered or Enter

  1. If you posted my ad on your site or blog, you’re already entered and have received 10 (ten) additional  entries.
  2. If you “Liked” The Season Blog Page on Facebook, you’ve received or will receive 1 additional (one) entry.
  3. Correctly answer the following questions and email your answers to me at beverley at beverleykendall dot com (please do NOT include answer in the comments section of this post) and you will receive  5 additional entries:  At the end of AN HEIR OF DECEPTION, how many children do Alex and Charlotte have? What are their names?
You have just shy of four weeks to enter. Winner will be announced at the end of The Season’s week long 4th of July MEGA-Giveaway. 
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  1. What a great story! I’m glad you found such great success with e-publishing. I loved all of your books and can’t wait for you to publish more!

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