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Giveaway: Signed, Sealed, Deliver!

November 7, 2012


We go through this every four years–thank goodness it’s not more–and now it’s over. Yes, the Presidential Election. No more ads or robocalls. To end that alone, I’m grateful it’s over.

Whether your candidate was selected or not, this country must move forward together. Right now, I’m praying we can reduce the debt, create more jobs, reduce unemployment and make this country a place where everyone has the opportunity to live the “American Dream”.  Let’s not go off that fiscal cliff.

Now because that won’t be an easy task–we have some very weighty issues–I’m here today to lighten it up in a small way. We’re readers–romance predominantly–and to escape a sometimes harsher than we’d like reality, we read. So how about I give you books to lose yourself in?

Three (3) random commenters will receive a book from The Season Stash and one of those three will also receive Sara Bennett’s SIN WITH A SCOUNDREL! 

**U.S. residents only

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  1. I’m definitely glad the elections are over and ready to get into a great story. Thanks for the great giveaway. 😀

  2. Sooo glad the elections are over!! Hopefully, things will start improving. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Ahhhh, finally no more political ads. And here here on your wishes for the future!
    Escapism…itsnt that why we all are book addicts? I know that is why I am =)

  4. YES!!! Elections are over!! I was so tried of seeing the ads and all those bashing from each sides. But thank you for the chance to start the election free rest of the month with a giveaway!

  5. It is nice not to see the ads or have all the junk mail stuffed in my mail box. It would be lovely if they all found a way to cooperate.

  6. I am so glad the elections are over….now if they can do something about the robocalls I’m still getting. Books? Yes!!! Books would definitely go a long way to take my mind off that stupid phone ringing!

  7. That’s exactly why I read romance! To escape reality for a while! Now if I could just turn off the Christmas commercials that are already starting to drive me crazy!

  8. I spent a lot of time losing myself in books during the campaign. It was ffar preferable to watching the TV (or answering the phone).

  9. OOooh, nice! I’m in need of some new books to read!

  10. Losing myself in a book is my ultimate way to unwind and relax from the major stress and drama of life. I absolutely would hate it if I could not read!

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