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Language of Love Gets Three New Covers

January 23, 2013


It may look like I’ve been shirking my duty in the last several days but honestly I’ve been working hard. First, trying to juggle writing two books simultaneously. The other is getting Kim Killion everything she needs to make me some lovely covers. As usual, Kim doesn’t disappoint. But I’m left in a bit of a pickle, my first cover WHEN IN PARIS... is now sticking out like a very lovely sore thumb. As in Sesame Street’s One of these things is not like the others. Which means I’m going to have to give WHEN IN PARIS... a cover makeover…and here it is. :)




eNovella – Rebecca & Scott


Novel – April & Troy

To celebrate two fabulous covers to add to my Language of Love series, I’m giving away an ARC of JAKE by R.C. Ryan and THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED by Victoria Alexander. Comment to enter to win.


**US residents only

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  1. I think the covers are fantastic. Whoever, did them did a fantastic job

  2. I absolutely love your writing! Can’t wait for these two!

  3. You’ve been so busy Beverly but look at the outcome. :) Just love both covers. Good for you.
    I think your covers have all been great anyway. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol L.

  4. Very nice covers! Congrats!

  5. new covers look nice :)

  6. Those two covers are beautiful. They compliment each other so well.

  7. I got to meet Victoria Alexander back in December after making arrangements by email to meet her (she lives in the same city) and she is one of my favorite authors! She is such a gracious and fun lady and a fabulous author!

  8. I really love April and Troy’s cover! It couldn’t get any better then that. Thanks for doing another great giveaway!

  9. The covers are lovely.

  10. I love the covers, they’re brilliant. Kim always does an excellent job with covers. I love her work!!

    Thanks for the chance to win another great prize.

  11. Hot. Covetstjanks
    would love to wim
    go niners

  12. Both covers are total wins! You’re right about the original When in Paris cover, though I personally loved that one as well! If only Olivia and Zach had a little less clothing…

  13. Your writing is always a pleasure to be enjoyed.

  14. I love the theme of the new series. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  15. Bev, your covers are gorgeous. Love your books and can’t wait for more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Those covers look amazing! I’m excited… super excited.

    BTW did I mention I finished When in Paris? Ladies reading this blog if you have not purchase yet, it’s a must buy.

  17. Great new covers! I don”t feel that When in Paris is vastly different. I say leave it!

  18. Gorgeous covers. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I love your new covers. So pretty.

  20. I love your new covers!!! Kim is a cover goddess!

  21. I think the covers are great. Kim is very talented. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I love your new covers. They are just awesome, that all I can say. I can’t wait to read them

  23. Can’t wait to read the second and third installments.

  24. Very nice covers.

  25. Hot hot covers! How exciting!!!

  26. The covers are Amazing~! Sad that When In Paris has to change its cover but it’ll still be as gorgeous.

  27. I like the covers, but I LOVE your words.

  28. These are great covers – definitely a sexier cover for When in Paris!

  29. Kim did an amazing job with the covers! Looking forward to reading the books.

  30. Beautiful new covers! At first I was shocked when you mentioned you needed to revise “When in Paris”. I LOVE the new cover. Keep up the great writing.

  31. These covers are fantastic!!! Love them..

  32. I really liked your first WHEN IN PARIS cover. It was more appropriate for the new adult market. But that is just me. Of the three new ones, I like APRIL IN MILAN the best.

  33. I really love the covers and the titles for your New Adult series.


  34. Great covers. I like the change you did with When In PAris. Not that I didn’t like the original, but now they look like a series. I especially like April’s and her eyes :)

  35. The new covers are lovely and bring all the books together nicely as a series. Great job.

  36. The covers are so beautiful. Love them all!

  37. The covers are very nice.

  38. I think the covers are so romantic! And the floors with the characters make them stand out. Congrats on them Bev! Would love to be in the contest. Thanks

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  40. OMG…Can’t wait!

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