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Review: The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

January 9, 2013


It’s been twelve years since Tru Bennett last saw Jake Wethers, her former best friend and boy she once loved.

Jake Wethers, sexy, tattooed and deliciously bad lead singer, and brains behind The Mighty Storm, one of biggest bands in the world, left Tru with a broken heart when he moved from England to America with his family when they were both fourteen.

Sent to interview Jake for her music column by the magazine she works for, they are both unprepared for the sparks that fly the instant they reconnect. Only, there’s a complication to their instant feelings for one another – Will, Tru’s boyfriend of two years.

Then Jake makes Tru a job offer she can’t refuse – travelling the world with him and his band. But taking the job means leaving Will behind, and being on the road with the band means spending an inordinate amount of time with Jake.

Is Tru strong enough to resist the delectable bad boy who once held her heart so completely, or will she willingly risk it all for one night with the worlds most notorious womanizer?

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Tru Bennett has always loved her childhood best friend. She was completely devastated and lonely when he left with his family to move to America. It has been years since they have been in contact but Tru still thinks of Jake Wethers from time to time. Why wouldn’t she? He is hot and the lead of The Mighty Storm, a superstar rock band.

Tru is all grown up and a working journalist. Though she had crushed on Jake, she knows she will never see him…at least that is what she thinks. Then by chance, her boss schedules her for an interview with Jake Wethers. This is the kind of interview her journalistic spirit has longed for. Despite her nervousness, Tru jumps on the opportunity.

Jake is stoked to see his “Tru” again. The two have a lot to catch up on and he is not wasting any of his time in the UK. He sets out to pursue her despite the fact that she is in a committed relationship. Not wanting their time to end, Jake proposes that Tru writes his biography…the catch is that she has to join him on the road. When the two leave, sparks fly and Tru must make an important decision.

There has been a ton of buzz about this story so when the opportunity presented itself to review The Mighty Storm, I jumped on it. I really wanted to love this book but this is one of the few times that I wish I didn’t jump on the popularity bandwagon. The writing is immature. There is a “newbie” feel to the story.

I never really got to connect with the characters. I’m not a fan of people who cheat and Tru cheats on her boyfriend, Nick. She is scared to tell him – so she doesn’t for a long time which I feel is dishonest and silly. I might have felt better about her wanting Jake if she had come clean to Nick to end their relationship once she jumped Jake’s bones.

Jake is a broken character. I love a flawed character but Jake did nothing for me.  He previously had a drug problem, after his band mate’s death, which landed him in rehab. He is out of rehab for three months when he meets Tru again and somewhere along the way he finds himself back on drugs and cheating on Tru…well he is caught with a woman. There is a claim that he didn’t cheat but if you are high, how the hell do you even remember?

Besides my lack of connection to the characters and my disdain for their immature behavior, the writing is stilted and sounds immature as well. Overall, I really wanted to like this story but it is kind of boring.

Rating: 2 (Fatally Flawed)
Heat Rating: 4 (Hot)

Reviewed by Samantha

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  1. Thanks for the review, especially about the characters.

  2. Thanks for the review. This isn’t my usual type of read, so I probably wouldn’t have picked it up anyway.

  3. Thanks for the review, I have to think about getting this book.

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