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Two weeks to goodbye

January 18, 2013

It is with a heavy (but kinda of lighter workload) heart that I announce I will be retiring The Season website and blog at the end of this month. As you know, I’m a writer and the task of managing the site and the blog is just too much. I NEED to be getting out more books and unfortunately I can’t do both–and still have a life. Then next two weeks will just be a celebration of almost 4 years of books books and more books. I will leave the site up but nothing will be added to it. I will announce the winner of the iPad mini February 1st and that will be the last blog post.

Beyond that, I will go into author-mode. I will create a blog on my personal website that I will use to give away the odd book and prize, and keep my fans up-to-date on the progress of my books. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you through The Season site and blog and enjoyed working with the publicists at all the publishing houses. I hope to still interact with my fans on my personal blog. :)


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  1. So sad to hear about the website retiring, but totally understandable. That sad face turns in to a smiley face when I realize it gives you more time to work on writing. So…. more to read from you is just an awesome trade 😛 Plus we still get to hear from you on your personal website. Score!
    Have a great weekend! xoxox

  2. Very sad news about the website retiring. It has been terrific. Thanking you for all the wonderful give-a-ways and wishing you much success in the future. Look forward to your personal website.

  3. while I’ll miss the site, but it is understandable & wish you nothing but the best of luck as you continue to pursue your writing :)

  4. Oh, sad news indeed. I wish you didn’t have to go. I understand, though. Best wishes to you in the future!

  5. I am sorry to hear you are retiring your website, although I do understand. I will miss it terribly, but will definitely be keeping up with you through your blog on your personal website. It’s been a wonderful 4 year run!

  6. *Sob*
    I totally understand (and am expierencing a little glee at the thought we will get more books out of you), but it is a little sad. You have done a WONDERFUL job running this blog. It has been a pleasure to meet you, be introduced to new authors, and read fun reviews.
    I will have to look you up on your personal website! Good luck with everything Bev!

  7. Oh, no – I was just thinking how much I love your blog. I will miss you but certainly understand.

    Thank you so much for the enjoyment you provided. Best wishes with your writing. Look f/d to catching you on your personal website.

  8. My first reaction is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Season blog is one of my favorite, don’t-miss, daily sites to visit. But that’s a selfish reaction. Anything that helps a good writer bring more wonderful books to grateful readers is a good thing.

    So thank you for the time you’ve already spent with us on the blog. It’s been fun, interesting and informative. I look forward to reading many more of your great books for years to come. All the best to you, Bev.

  9. You will be missed :( Love your blog and your posts. Farewell :)

  10. Like everyone else, I will be sad to see The Season blog retire. Several of the authors I follow have made the same decision recently. It is totally understandable for you to dedicate your time to your craft and since we all benefit from that with such wonderful books, we can’t really be too upset. I’d like to thank you for all of the hard work you’ve put into this blog and for all of the wonderful giveaways you’ve hosted. I look forward to following your personal blog and wish you continued success in your future endeavors.

  11. I will miss this blog. It is one of five book/author related blogs I visit almost every night. I have been wondering how you have managed to write and keep the season going. A blog of this quality take much time and effort to maintain.
    Best of luck with your writing career. I’ll be following your success.

  12. Good luck with the great writings, hope to se input on your blog,
    Have a great. Weelpkend,
    Go niners

  13. I’m so sad that you’re retiring The Season site, but do understand. Good luck with everything, Bev.

  14. Best wishes, Bev. Sorry to hear about the blog, but you have to do what is best for you.

  15. this is really sad Bev… I come here regularly to check on the new books releasing every month… :( but I totally understand the need to concentrate on your writing more…

  16. So sad to hear it’s shutting down. But it was a success and you brought us many new Authors, books and I think this is one of the best sites there is. Thanks for the 4 years of hard work and dedication you put into it. We’ll still see you and find out about your books on your personal site. More time is more writing. :)
    Thanks again Bev,. It’s been exciting.
    Carol L.

  17. So sad to read Bev, but I totally understand. Good luck!

    Thanks for many wonderful reviews and contests.

  18. A sad day for us readers but totally understandable. You must do what’s best for you. Best of luck and you’ll be missed.

  19. Ahh that’s sad, I love The Season :( BUT I understand and fully support you, because that means more books for us! Isn’t there anybody who could take over? I will miss it, especially the Month-at-a-Glance. <3

  20. I enjoyed visiting this site which was very informative. Sorry to see you go but I understand what pressures you work under. I will be following your website and check in every now and then.

  21. It’s sad that the sight will be closing since I have found some great books here but there is only so much time in the day so good luck with all your writing.

  22. I’ve been following this site since almost its beginning so it’s sad to see it go. I totally understand your decision though and wish you the very best as you broaden your writing time.

  23. It is sad news, but very understandable. I’ve enjoyed all your posts and wonderful blog, all the generous book contests. Thank you, Beverly. Will be looking for more of your books.

  24. So sorry to see the blog go, but it is understandable. Best wishes and thanks for all the gread reads!

  25. So sorry to hear you’re stopping the site. I’m really going to miss it. But I understand why you need to devote more time to writing. Best of luck to you! I’m looking forward to all of your new great reads!!!

  26. Sad news, but looking forward to more books from you. Good luck!

  27. This is very sad news and I will miss this site. It is one that I would visit everyday. I will check out your new blog also on your site. I do want you to know that we do understand because I am sure this takes up a lot of time. I know it does for me. Your writing should really come first. Without that we wouldn’t have all these wonderful books to read. We will meet again on your own site.

  28. Congratulations on your continued success with your writing career. The Season will be missed but I look forward to hearing more about your books yet to be written! Best of luck in your continued success with your wonderful books!

  29. Totally understand. Thank you for all the work you have put into this site, and your very generous giveaways! Wishing you the best, and yay for your future books!

  30. Thank you for the hard work and dedication you’ve put in over four years, Bev!

  31. Over the last couple of years. this blog has been my go-to place for everything reading. I’ve met (via print) so many new authors and even broken into a couple of new genres thanks to your blog. While I hate to think about what I am going to be missing, I think it is wonderful that you are going to be devoting your time and energy into your own writing/life. We will miss you. Best of luck in your endeavors!

  32. Thanks for four super years and great posts. You will be sorely missed.
    Congratulations, best wishes, and the best of luck for more wonderful stories!

  33. I have enjoyed this website to a huge amount. It will be missed!

  34. Hi, Beverley!

    Very sad to hear that The Season will be retired … one of my favorite daily stops.

    Wishing you the very, very best with your writing … looking forward to Twice the Temptation.

    (Will be bookmarking your personal website and will drop by there. ^_^)

  35. I’m really so sad to hear about the site ending. But, I’m extremely glad that your writing career is really taking off. I understand that you can’t do both. I wish you the best and greatest success!

  36. Well said by everyone posting before me. I will be sad to see the end of The Season. I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve spent in your company over the past years. I’ll be keeping up with you on your website and look forward to more good reading from your pen.

  37. I’ve enjoyed the Season’s website and send you best wishes on your writing career.

  38. I am sorry to see the website go but I know how good your writing is and I am super excited to see what comes next! *CHEERS to the next chapter in your writing career!

  39. I will really miss your website! I have been a fan from the beginning of the site, and its just gotten better and better! Good luck to you and I will check your personal website frequently. thanks for all the hard work and the great giveaways and keep writing!

  40. This blog really made me fall in love with reading again, and I owe so very much too it. I have found many of my favorite authors thanks to this site. Thank you for keeping it up as long as you have. Good luck with your writing. I really look forward to seeing what’s next from you!

  41. Bev, I’m teary eyed. I so will miss The Season. I don’t go to many blogs since my health can’t keep up but this was one I came to frequently. But it will be joyous to read more from you. Know that I always appreciated all you did here (as well as my hubby’s wallet lol). Really thank you for the joy and see you on your blog but even more, read you soon! Cathie

  42. It’s a shame that you have to manage this by yourself. Shockingly I’m not someone who cares about the give-aways, but I really do love the reviews. I’m a fan of yours so I stumbled onto this site to check out other good books to read. It’s great when an author unselfishly gives a glowing review of someone’s work. I LOVE to read and you have reminded me of what a wonderful community we can be. I know I read more books than one author can churn out. The more the merrier. You are a class act!

    Just one request :-). Give people like me (who don’t spend hours online looking at random websites) a recommendation for another blog that talks about book reviews. That would make the ache a little less severe. MWAH!

  43. So sad you are closing this all down – its been the only way I can keep up with your writing – there are just so many authors out there. I bought and downloaded when in paris based on an email from you. I really hope you reconsider.

  44. Thank you so much for your dedication and devotion to this site. I have discovered so many authors and tons of books.

    I look forward in continuing to read your works; they are wonderful.

  45. Bev you did a fantastic job with the site and blog, and we’ll certainly miss it, but I do understand time is a problem now with you needing time for writing since your career has taken off so well.

  46. Beverley, I’m sorry to hear the blog is closing down. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it over the years. I’ve enjoyed visiting it.

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