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What was the last book you bought?

January 15, 2013


I get a lot of books free–at least to read. But I don’t read 95% of the books that I do receive, whether it’s a digital book or a print. Actually, I don’t read 99.9% of the print books I receive. It got me thinking to the last book I actually bought for myself to read. Which turned out to be only 4-5 days ago. I started to read it but lost interest in it. It was a self-published contemporary (new adult) book. But before that it was probably a month before that and it was a historical. Suffice it to say, I don’t end up buying a lot of books. I do reread a ton because I’m so picky. I have mainstays I turn to time and time again.

What about you? What was the last book you bought and when did you purchase it?

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  1. The book I last purchased was “Last Kiss Goodnight” by Gena Showalter. It was bought about two weeks ago and I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet.

  2. Most recently, a paperback copy of “Paying for College Without Going Broke” about 3 days ago. For pleasure reading, about a week ago I bought the ebook ” A Wild Night’s Bride” (Book 1 in the Devil Devere series) for .99. That was a pure impulse buy. It was recommended by Amazon and had good reviews. I haven’t started either one yet!

  3. I get 99% of my books at the library, but I bought
    Desires Unleashed (Knights of the Darkness Chronicles (Book One) by Simmons, D.N. today on Amazon after reading a great review on the entire series. It was only .99 and the library didn’t have it.

  4. I bought “Reflected in You” by Sylvia Day. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next in this series.

  5. I do the Library thing as well. If they don’t have it or it’s not on order I’ll just request a purchase. They do order books by request 80% of the time. But the actual last print I bought for myself was Surrender by Brenda Joyce and that was in early December. Read it and loved it.
    Carol L.

  6. The last book I bought was “This Man” and I bought it last week. I am very disappointed in myself BECAUSE I CAN’T STOP BUYING BOOK! LOL!

  7. In all honesty, the last book I bought, I think, was When in Paris… by you. I’m right in the middle of it. Right now, I want to slap Zach upside of his head and tell him to get over it. LOL I have a backlog of TBR stuff, but next week I plan to buy The Pleasure of Your Kiss and The Temptation of Your Touch by Teresa Medeiros. Love her!

  8. Just got Lori Fosters What Chris Wants and Raphael/Parish Bayou Heat by Laura Wright & Alexandra Ivy. The last time I bought books was at Christmas time and then my bday back in October. Every year for the past couple of years I go to Half-Price books and get some used books.

  9. The last book I purchased and just finished reading was by Shana Galen WHEN YOU GIVE A DUKE A DIAMOND I enjoyed it. I purchase a lot of books and read all that I buy.

  10. The last books I bought were 1/2/13 and were Maya Banks SHADES OF GRAY, Carly Phillips PERFECT FIT and Delilah Marvelle’s FOREVER A LORD. I read mostly mass market paperbacks and only get the Hardback releases from the Library. I keep you authors in business with getting quite a few new releases (as long as they are mass-market paperback). I RARELY purchase trade sizes and NEVER hardbacks. I rarely re-read a book, I’ve got too many I’ve collected and not read yet! Because romance is frequently written in series I keep character notes on each book so I can refer back 6 months later when the next one comes out…

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha. Beverly, you are going to have a good laugh with this one. When in Paris by YOU (my first YA book). I have not read it yet, have a lot of historicals to go thru’ first. LOL!

  12. I bought a bunch in a day: Fall Into You by Roni Loren, When in Paris by Beverley Kendall, Simply Scandalous by Kate Pearce. That was on the 31st of Dec.

    But in the month of December I purchased 11 books on my Kindle. I’m a sucker for the Christmas releases, and additionally about 4 authors I love published Christmas Novellas either tying into another part of a series or they are on my auto-buy list.

  13. The last book I bought for myself was the Kindle version of Julie Leto’s Dirty Little Christmas, last month. I read it shortly after I got it. I know I’ve purchased children’s books since then.

  14. A few months ago I went and bought the rest of Kathryne Kennedy’s books which I didn’t own:

    My Unfair Lady
    Enchanting the Lady
    Double Enchantment
    Enchanting the Beast

  15. I pre-ordered some books, Monday, from The Book Depository: The Lass Wore Black by Karen Ranney, That Night on Thistle Lane by Carla Neggers, and The Long Way Home (The Chesapeake Diaries) by Mariah Stewart. I just caved – it had been awhile! ;o)

  16. If it is one that I purchase myself I always read it. The most recent book I purchased was If You Give a Duke a Diamond and I had it read in a matter of hours. I have read close to a book every two days since the start of the year but most of them were already on my Kindle app on my phone. Most of what I read is from free downloads from Kindle because our finances just don’t allow for me to splurge on books all that often. For a late Christmas gift my husband is going to get me a Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, an Amazon Prime subscription, and a $50 Amazon gift card so I can order a bunch of books. Now the problem is sorting through my tbb list and deciding which books to get and which to hold off on 😉

  17. The last book I bought was Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.”

  18. Last week I bought Kaki Warner’s book Colorado Dawn.

  19. How the Marquess was Won by Julie Anne Long. Seriously, this series is my crack. I’m trying to go slowly bc I don’t want the reading delight to end.

  20. On the 6th of January 2013 I bought Gilded by Karina Cooper, Riveted by Meljean Brook, A Private Duel with Agent Gunn by Jillian Stone, Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, The Lady Most Willing by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway .

  21. I just bought Kim Harrison’s A Perfect Blood on Sunday when I happened to be in WalMart and saw it. Before that I bought four books on Amazon while I was Christmas shopping to make sure I got the free shipping, and they were the buy four get one of them free deal. I usually buy books at Amazon or B & N with gift cards, in addition to all the freebie e-books I get for Kindle.

  22. I just bought (yesterday) the Kindle book of Grace Burrowes’ The Soldier, a book I had already read but didn’t own. I really enjoy Grace’s books!

  23. The last book I bought was THOMAS JEFFERSON: THE ART OF POWER by Jon Meacham. At the same time, I ordered LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME by James W. Loewen. I ordered both of them on December 14. I will have to admit I haven’t started reading either of them. On the same order, I ordered Waiting for Morning (The Brides Of Last Chance Ranch Series) By: Margaret Brownley. I have picked up several paperbacks at the store, but put them back. I have so many books in my TBR mountain.

  24. Last book I bought was The Scarlet Bride by Cheryl Anne Smith

  25. Beautiful Creatures is the last book I bought. It will be a movie soon and I wanted to read the book first.

  26. Most of the books I read are received as trades from Paperback Book Swap. A lot are contest wins. Most of my ebooks are contest wins or freebies. The last paperback book I actually bought was The Lady Risks All by Julia Quinn. The last ebook I bought is a book in 3 parts from Eloisa James (actually it’s a pre-order). The titles are With This Kiss, Part 1; With This Promise, Part 2; and With This Ring, Part 3.

  27. I just ordered some print books but I probably won’t get around to them until this summer. I have such a huge TBR pile, but I can’t stop buying books lol

  28. The last book I purchased was “Forbidden Jewel of India” by Louise Allen. I just finished reading it last night. I liked it so much, I want to read the author’s other books.

  29. Earlier in January I purchased “A Mackenzie Family Christmas”, but I haven’t read it yet. This year so many writers (that I read) put out Christmas books and novellas. I bought at least a dozen of them, including two hardcovers, three trade paperbacks, and many ebooks. I may be reading them through February. I also reread “The Heart of Christmas”(Balogh, Cornick, and Milan) from last year. It was just as wonderful this year. So far, all of these books I’ve read have been A’s or B’s in my evaluations. It’s been a pleasureable month and a half of reading. I wish all Christmas books would be on the market in early October. If so, I would have been about through reading them by Christmas. :-)

  30. Even though I have a big TBR pile, it doesn’t stop me from buying more books. It’s an addiction! 😉

    Last month I bought THE WARRIOR by Margaret Mallory and SHADES OF GRAY by Maya Banks, both in paperback.

  31. I bought Blood of Winter a couple weeks ago. It was…disappointing. An urban fantasy series I had high hopes for, but it never clicked for me and the heroine continued her usualy denials. Too bad when we spend money on a book and are let down.

  32. bought some print books last month

  33. I recently got Isabel Cooper’s Lessons After Dark on Kindle (it was on sale). Haven’t read it yet, though.

    I buy majority of the books that I read and review on my blog. ^_^ I will be slowing down on purchases first quarter of the year because I still have a pile of books from 2012 to read through. (I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any new books until I make a dent on said pile.)

  34. I buy lots of books. My biggest problem is that I can’t resist a bargain so as soon as something on my wish list gets marked down, I buy it, even though my TBR pile is humongous. Just today, I bought Queen of the Sylphs by LJ McDonald because it was on sale and I read her first book, The Battle Sylph, and loved it.

  35. I just bought “Fallen” by Celeste Bradley. I love paperback books, and have so many. I’d be lost without my books.

  36. I bought Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole about three days ago in print. I adore ebooks– but I love paperback. I hope to have a library someday!

  37. I bought several books and gave them away as Christmas presents.

  38. Last book i purchased was on January 13, 2013 Ral’s Woman: 1 (Zorn Warriors) by l. Dohner from Amazon. I was curious about the series and read it immediately.

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