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And the winner of the iPad Mini… and final post

February 1, 2013


Sigh. It’s the good news and bad news syndrome today. Good news: I announce the winner of the iPad mini. Bad news: It’s the final post.

What I will miss: the daily interaction I have with you and your enthusiasm for romance and the written word.

What I won’t miss: the work and countless days required to keep this site going.

Remember, sometime in February I’ll be setting up a blog on my personal website. Not sure how often I will post, but if you’re in the neighbourhood, please stop by and say hi. :)

Okay, now for the big moment.

The winner of the iPad Mini is…



Congratulations, Clara!!! You will receive an email with instructions of how to claim your prize and other stuff like an inscription should you like one.

Thank you everyone who participated. And a huge thanks to all the loyal followers of this blog for your months and years of patronage. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you around this place we call cyberspace.



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  1. Congratulations, Clara!

    Hugs, Beverley! The Season was an amazing, amazing endeavor. Looking forward to your personal blog and, of course, the release of your books.

  2. Congrats!!!

  3. Huge hugs to you, Bev, and many many thanks for all you’ve done for romance through your sites. You are amazing, and your readers look forward to having more books from you. Best of luck in all you do!

  4. Congrats to the winner.

    Best wishes to you Bev. So sad to see you go. Good luck with all your writing.

  5. Bev, I’m so sorry that all this fun has ended. You did a great job. It was always fun to visit. Clara congratulations.

  6. Lots of hugs~! *sniff sniff*

  7. Congratulations Clara!

    Sad to see The Season close but I’ll be watching your website for tidbits and news!

  8. Congrats Clara!

    So sad this is last post, but happy for you Bev. Best wishes and hope you and everyone else has a great weekend xoxox

  9. Congratulations, Clara!!!

    So sorry this is the last post, but will definitely stop by your website for your personal blog. I wish you much success in all your endeavors.

  10. I wish you the best of everything, Bev and I look forward to reading your novels. Take care.

  11. Congrats to Clara!!

    Bev, thank you for the good times – I sure am going to miss The Season but am so happy that you will be able to devote yourself more fully to writing!

  12. I hate good-byes! :-( I have really enjoyed this site, Bev, and I will miss it. I hope that you keep in touch somehow. Let us know if there is a newsletter to sign up for. I am one of your Goodreads friends, so I can keep up with you there. I will also bookmark your website to watch for your personal blog. Best wishes to you!!!

  13. This site is awesome and I’m going to miss it. Thank you, Bev, for all of your hard work! Happy writing!!!

  14. Congrats Clare. Bev, I’m going to miss this site and your great contests.

    Best of luck to you! See you on Facebook.

  15. Wtg see ya

    Go niners

  16. You will be missed :-(
    Thanks for all you’ve done :-)

  17. Congratulations, Clara!

    Bev, I will miss coming here every day, but know it is the best thing for you. I will definitely be visiting you on your blog and waiting for more of your great books to come out!

  18. Thank you, everyone. Truly this is bittersweet.

  19. Thank you for everything, Beverley! Best wishes, and we will certainly be seeing you around! :)

  20. I will miss my daily visits but I completely understand. We <3 you Beverley.

  21. Congratulations, Clara.

    Beverly, we will miss you and The Season For Romance. Best of luck in your writing career.

  22. Congrats to the winner…
    A sad day but we can still visit your site and continue to read your books. :) It’s been an amazing journey and I thank you for all your posts and hard work on The Season For Roamnce.
    Carol L.

  23. I will really miss this blog SOOO much:(

  24. Congratulations, Clara!

    Bev, my days will be a little less bright without my visits here but richer with all the wonderful books the extra time will enable you to write. Thank you for creating this wonderful community, bringing so many terrific books and authors to our attention and letting us tag along on your writing journey. You rock!

    Hope to see you in Atlanta this July!


  25. Hi Beverley –

    Sorry to be posting so late but the blizzard hit here last Thursday and our power has just been restored! Best wishes and I hope to be visiting you on your new blog!

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