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Giveaway: Introducing Dawn

July 15, 2014

Hello Season Followers! My name is Dawn and I will be helping Bev out on her blog as she’s churning out her best-selling books  :  ).

I’m an avid romance reader and contemporary romance books are my guilty pleasure! I’ve been reading romance books since in my early teens. Harlequin was my publisher of choice back then. I must say there weren’t many other romance publishers back then and as the publishing landscape has changed so much since then, as well as the way books are delivered it can be a little overwhelming. I trust Beverley’s taste so she is my go-to person for when I’m looking for a new hot book for a means of escape. But let me pose this question to you. Where do you go-to to get your latest romance fix?

Comment to enter to win books below. Plese specify which book(s) you would like to win.

*Click covers to access buy links and link to author website. 

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