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Review ❤ The Governess Was Wicked by Julia Kelly

September 12, 2016

This delightfully charming and saucy Regency era romance, is first in the Governess series in which three best friends are employed as governesses for different families, and all find themselves wanting something they can’t have.

Elizabeth Porter is quite happy with her position as the governess for two sneaky-yet-sweet girls when she notices that they have a penchant for falling ill and needing the doctor. As the visits from the dashing and handsome Doctor Edward Fellows become more frequent, Elizabeth quickly sees through the lovesick girls’ ruse. Yet even Elizabeth can’t help but notice Edward’s bewitching bedside manner even as she tries to convince herself that someone of her station would not make a suitable wife for a doctor. But one little kiss won’t hurt…


Release Date: September 12, 2016
Pocket Star
Series: The Governess
Heat Rating: Sensual

The Governess Was Wicked
opens up with the heroine, Elizabeth Porter, being awakened Cassandra, one of her two charges, with the news that her sister Juliana is ill. The blurb gives the impression that the two young girls have a crush on the family doctor Edward Fellows, which is why they either pretend to be ill or make themselves ill so often. However, in reading it, I didn’t get that impression. What is clear is that Elizabeth and Edward are smitten with each other, and after three years of covert looks and smiles, it’s time for them to do something about it.   

Elizabeth has given up any prospect of a husband and family of her own.  She’s accepted her life as a governess and cares deeply for Juliana and Cassandra. Too bad their parents don’t care for them half as much. You see they’re truly horrible people. What else can you call parents who care nothing for their daughters when they both do truly fall ill? Their only concern is that the baby—the heir—doesn’t get sick too. Their lack of concern angers Elizabeth, and Edward too when he observes it.

The girls’ prolonged sickness throws Elizabeth and Edward together more frequently than ever before, and soon one kiss turns into something more. The end? No, of course not. But in a way, it may as well be because in three months Edward is leaving for a fellowship in America, so any romance between them—future for them—is doomed from the start. Or at least that how it appears.  

If you’re looking for an alpha male, you won’t find him in Edward. The good doctor is a beta through and through. Maybe a bit slow of the mark but kind and decent from beginning to end. Elizabeth turns out to be quite progressive for a woman of her station and of her time. She possesses both courage and dignity, which is on display during some very trying situations.

This is a novella, the opener to The Governess series, and the storyline and romance fit the shorter length. Luckily for us, Elizabeth has two very good friends, and Mary and Jane will get their stories in The Governess Was Wanton and The Governess Was Wild. I’m looking forward to reading both.

~ Tammy

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