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Review ❤️ Reaper’s Claim by Simone Elise

February 17, 2017


In my motorcycle club I’ve earned the name ‘Reaper’ and now I have my claim on Abby Harrison.

I didn’t know what love was, but I knew what want was, and I wanted Abby. When I walked out of the club and saw her I was stone cold sober. She was quietly beautiful and unlike any other woman I’d had before. But she was the daughter of the president of Satan’s Sons MC and completely out of my reach.

Everyone knew The Reaper and how he got his name, so I never expected him to be my salvation when my sister’s drunk boyfriend wanted to lay hands on me. I thought my innocence would be lost in that alley, until he showed up and saved me. I know being with Reaper will lead to trouble, but I don’t know if I have the strength to stay away.

Being together might be dangerous, but outlaws are meant to break the rules.

Release Date: Feb 11, 2017
Series: Satan’s Sons MC
Book: 1
Heat Level: Inspy
Price: $2.99


Reaper’s Claim starts off strong. We meet young Abby and her twin Kim at the tender age of sixteen. The twins are the daughter of the President of the Satan’s Son. Kim is the wild twin, always getting into some trouble. Abby is the introverted artsy twin. Life hasn’t been so easy for them living under their father’s commands without a mother.

Abby is introduced to Reaper when he helps rescue her from being sexually assaulted. She is fascinated with him but scared to let herself go to a biker. There is a four year difference between them and Reaper tries to respect Abby despite wanting to claim her. She is just too young. They share one night with an innocent kiss and some touching. Reaper promises to see her again when she turns eighteen.  

I had a problem with the sex scenes. The couple has sex multiple times fairly early on in the book so why does the author wait until 65% in to throw in the only sex scene? I don’t get it. I kind of wanted to know about their first time since he waited two years for Abby to turn 18 to take her virginity. He goes through with the whole gambit of renting out an entire motel and the readers are told they had sex.

After their first time, they both go their separate ways after a minor miscommunication. Reaper’s life does a 360 and Abby turns into a mini version of her sister Kim (minus the sex). They both hold onto that one night. That is why the lack of sex scene annoyed me most. If they are holding onto it, why not share with the readers. I don’t like reading fade to black scenes in my romances especially ones where there is a lot of cursing, drinking, drugs, killings, etc. If the author can share those moments, then I fell the author should share the sex scene.

The two are then reunited and all the way up until about 65 to 70% of the book they are arguing. They kiss, have sex (or root as one of the characters called it) and fight. Then we repeat the cycle again. Meanwhile, no one really knows they are in a relationship. How? They always sneak off or have a fight in front of everyone. Ultimately, the story could have been condensed a lot.

The last part of the book really picked back up. There is tons of biker action. All the biker gangs unite and the plot really moves along. Abby and Reaper’s relationship progresses and they tone down the bickering and fighting. There is a heart breaking scene that really got to me in which Abby and Reaper are put to the test. I didn’t like how Reaper handled the situation and normally that is a huge no-no in my romance. I don’t know if I’m more tolerant because it was very close to the end or if it is due to the fact that this is a biker romance and they are grittier.

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this book. Yes, I still feel that it could have been shorter but the author knows how to craft an interesting story. The book ends on a cliffhanger so I anticipate a second book which I will want to read.

~ Samantha

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