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Review ❤️ Rule Master by Sienna Snow

March 8, 2017

His rules. Her pleasure. His way.

Italian heiress and international financier Milla Castra knows she can’t avoid him forever. Irredeemably confident and controlled Lex Duncan once shared her craving for things deliciously forbidden. He was her lover. Her Master. And the husband she’s kept secret from everyone.

But Lex will never relinquish what’s his—and Milla is definitely his. And he knows she can’t resist the exquisite pleasure that awaits in his arms. When the violence of her past threatens them both, Lex will risk everything to keep Milla safe . . . before she submits to the cruelest master imaginable, Fear.

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Release Date: Mar 7, 2017
Publisher: Grand Central
Imprint: Forever
Series: Rules of Engagement
Book: 2
Heat Level: Scorching
Price: $3.99


Rule Master picks up six months after the first book in the series. Milla and Lex are both struggling to overcome the tragedy that hit them in the first book. Milla was abducted as a means to steal security software that her company developed. Milla is ready to start over and try to put everything behind her including her relationship with Lex.

Lex is not going anywhere and he makes it clear early on in the book. The relationship between them has always been secretive and intense. The author did a great job in the first book creating a mystery around them and finally revealing pieces of their relationship.

After discovering that Milla and Lex had a relationship and that he was her Dom, I thought nothing could top it. However, Lex and Milla have more secrets and they are surprising.  I’m curious how they kept it a secret!

Milla is the kind of girl who has everything. She is successful, running a billion dollar technology development firm with her best friend. She has a man who adores her. She is extremely smart. After one tragic incident, she is willing to let it all go and self wallow. I hate that. It is a weak ploy that authors use to create angst and tension between the main characters. I wanted to shake Milla for the first half of the book. 

Once Lex and Milla finally start to behave like a couple, the heat turns up. I love the sexual connection between them.  Lex takes over as the Dom in the relationship and I can see how Milla is drawn to him. After everything that Milla suffered from her abductors, Lex has to push and coax Milla to enjoy their sexual games and scenes.

While I did enjoy Lex and Milla’s story, I can’t help but feeling like there is so much more to them. I’m still not sure if it is because the author took up half the book with Milla emotionally running away from Lex without a real cause or if it is because the characters have so much history together and we only saw this glimpse of them. I am also confused on how all of the characters in this series are best friends or related but they don’t really know what happens with each other.  

Rule Master is well written tale of overcoming adversity and embracing love. I enjoy the series and look forward to the next book in the series.

~ Samantha

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  1. What a beautiful covert. I’d want to read the first book to catch up.
    Thanks for review.
    Carol L

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