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Review ❤️ The Girl on the Bridge by James Hayman

May 18, 2017

the girl on the bridge james hayman

On a freezing December night, Hannah Reindel leaps to her death from an old railway bridge into the rushing waters of the river below. Yet the real cause of death was trauma suffered twelve years earlier when Hannah was plucked from a crowd of freshman girls at a college fraternity party, drugged, and then viciously assaulted by six members of the college football team.

Those responsible have never faced or feared justice. Until now. A month after Hannah’s death, Joshua Thorne—former Holden College quarterback and now a Wall Street millionaire—is found murdered, his body bound to a bed and brutally mutilated.

When a second attacker dies in mysterious circumstances, detectives Mike McCabe and Maggie Savage know they must find the killer before more of Hannah’s attackers are executed. But they soon realize, these murders may not be simple acts of revenge, but something far more sinister.

Release Date: May 9, 2017
Series: McCabe and Savage
Book: 5
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: William Morrow
Price: $4.99


Police Detective Michael McCabe and his longtime partner Maggie Savage are looking into two homicides. The cases seem to be related to the recent suicide of Hannah Reindel, who was still trying to get over the trauma of a brutal attack at a college fraternity party twelve years earlier. One of the cases is very high profile since the victim is a millionaire and the murder is brutal. The investigation becomes difficult and dangerous for McCabe and he finds himself matching wits with a cunning, yet charming suspect. However, McCabe and Savage are both determined to solve the two murders they are investigating, as well as getting some degree of justice for Hannah.

The Girl on the Bridge is part of the McCabe and Savage crime series set in Portland, Maine. The book includes the best elements of a well-written police procedural, with details about the investigation and plenty of scenes with the steps the detectives go through to solve the case. However, the writing style and the fast pacing help the book to read like a standalone thriller. I haven’t read any of the prior books by Haman, but immediately liked both Michael and Maggie, individually and as partners. They work well together and have each other’s back the whole time they are working on this puzzling investigation and I like their loyalty and dedication to the job and to each other. The book is detailed, but written in such a way that makes it a page-turner and the combination of these two elements make it unique and a pleasure to read.

The subject matter of the book is extremely intense, and it’s difficult to read about Hannah’s attack and its aftermath, even though this type of violence happens all too often in the real world. The attack underlies the entire book, so in that way, it’s not an easy read. However, it is well-written and suspenseful from beginning to end. I didn’t want to put the book down until I knew who the killer was and even when I thought I had everything figured out, there were still a few plot twists I didn’t see coming. Rape is a disturbing topic, but for those able to read about it, the novel is excellent and makes me want to check out prior books in the series.

~ Christine

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  1. Thanks for your review. This Author is new to me. I’ll check out the series and the Author.
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