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Review ❤️ Sleeping in the Ground by Peter Robinson

September 12, 2017

sleeping in the ground peter robinson

At the doors of a charming country church, an unspeakable act destroys a wedding party. A huge manhunt ensues. The culprit is captured. The story is over.

Except it isn’t. For Alan Banks, still struggling with a tragic loss of his own, there’s something wrong about this case — something unresolved. Reteaming with profiler Jenny Fuller, the relentless detective deeper into the crime… deep enough to unearth long-buried secrets that reshape everything Banks thought he knew about the events outside that chapel. 

And when at last the shocking truth becomes clear, it’s almost too late.

Release Date: Aug 15, 2017
Series:  Inspector Alan Banks 
Book: 24
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: William Morrow
Price: $12.99


A wedding between a high profile bride and groom in Yorkshire has been given a lot of media coverage, and many people are interested in their upcoming nuptials. However, this fairytale wedding turns into a nightmare when the wedding party and their guests are caught in the path of gunfire. The unlucky ones, including the bride, die immediately while others are left in critical condition. The higher-ups in the police force want a fast resolution to this tragedy and it seems like they have their wishes when the perpetrator is quickly identified. However, Inspector Alan Banks and his team are uncomfortable with some loose ends in the case and continue investigating, looking into the backgrounds of the supposed shooter and his victims. They more they learn, they more they fear the wrong person has been identified as the shooter, which means the real killer is still out there and even more lives could be in danger.

There are many types of books falling under the category of “Mystery” and I enjoy most of them. Of all the types of mysteries, there is something about a good police procedural, particularly if it’s set in Great Britain, which is especially enjoyable. Sleeping in the Ground definitely meets the requirements for a “good procedural.” The characters have depth, including the strong, intelligent main Alan Banks and his loyal, capable team. I enjoyed getting to know all the characters as they dug into the investigation, not willing to accept the easy solution. The plot is complex, believable, and compelling. The situation is horrifying and scary and all too realistic, and I hated when I had to put the book down. I connected with the characters and felt their sense of urgency in solving the appalling shooting and making sure the right killer was brought to justice. The book is well-written and dramatic and I liked it from the beginning to the end.

I was surprised to see this is the 24th book in the DCI Banks series and that I’ve somehow overlooked this author before now. Even coming into the series this late in the game, I was easily able to get to know the characters and become invested in the story. I have already been looking up prior books in the series to enjoy before a new book in the series comes out. Those who have been following this series, will sure to be pleased by the book, and I encourage readers who enjoy Deborah Crombie or P. D. James to check out Sleeping in the Ground. You will not be disappointed.

~ Christine


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