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Review ❤️ Blocked by L.P. Dover

October 31, 2017

blocked lp dover

He’s got every reason to be cocky . . . until a female cuts him down to size.

I’m Dallas Easton, the best goaltender in the league. I make a damn good living playing hockey, and with women falling at my feet wherever I go, why not enjoy it? I get whatever I want, whenever I want—that is, until I come across the one player who gets the best of me on the ice.

When I try to pummel the dude, all hell breaks loose. Imagine my surprise when the helmet comes off to reveal a woman underneath. And not just any woman, but the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. Callie Davis is the complete opposite of the puck bunnies I usually go for, a good girl with sick moves and a selfless streak a mile wide. I need to make amends, but she dodges me at every turn. It doesn’t help that Callie’s brother hates my guts, or that my agent thinks she’s bad for my career.

But I could care less what they think. I can’t let our little run-in on the ice be the end of our story. Because when I set my sights on something, I won’t rest until I score.

Release Date: Oct 31, 2017
Series:  Breakaway
Book: 2
Heat Level: Scorching
Publisher: Random House
Imprint: Loveswept
Price: $4.99


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! I couldn’t put it down.  It has everything a good romance novel should have, scorching hot love scenes, humor, angst, and enough drama throughout the book to keep the reader shaking their head but wanting more. Dallas Easton is the perfect book boyfriend. He’s one of the hottest players in the NHL, big, strong, and HOT HOT HOT. Callie Davis is a sweet, fiery nurse and happens to be the sister of Dallas’s teammate Justin Davis. Callie tries to go with her instincts to stay away from Dallas and his womanizing ways but each day they spend together strips away her fears and pulls her closer to the man she never thought she’d fall for.

LP Dover did a phenomenal job starting Blocked with major action. A party at Charlotte Strikers player and Dallas Easton’s teammate Maddox Ledger’s house after a team victory starts off with booze, women, and drunken hockey players ends with Dallas almost having sex with a puck bunny before being knocked out by her boyfriend with a beer bottle.  But right before Dallas passes out he gets a glimpse at Callie who comes to his aid. Talk about a dramatic start and that was just in the first chapter.

After the big fight Callie and Dallas officially meet when Callie pretends to one of her brothers and takes part in a shootout with Dallas. That too almost ends in fight but right before he tries to hit Callie, thinking she’s a guy, he pulls off her hockey mask and realizes he is a she and she happens to be the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

Dallas does his best to apologize to Callie and is determined to prove to her that he is not the douchebag the media and his teammates portray him to be. Callie tried to fight off her budding feelings and tests Dallas to prove to herself that his motives selfish but their chemistry and their passion shattered her walls.

The secondary characters were also well developed and their secondary stories flowed nicely within the main story without over shadowing Callie and Dallas at all. I loved the little mystery of Lacey and Maddox and I can’t wait to read about their story.

I absolutely love Callie and Dallas’ interactions with each other and LP Dover was outstanding in making me feel their passion. As a reader I love it when I feel what the hero and heroine are feeling. When the heroine is heartbroken and I feel that pang of sorrow in my gut I know the writer has hit a home run, which LP Dover has done. You’ll want to read this book! It’s a keeper!

~ Diana

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