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Review ❤️ A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole

November 30, 2017

a hope divided alyssa cole

The Civil War has turned neighbor against neighbor—but for one scientist spy and her philosopher soldier, war could bind them together . . .
For all of the War Between the States, Marlie Lynch has helped the cause in peace: with coded letters about anti-Rebel uprisings in her Carolina woods, tisanes and poultices for Union prisoners, and silent aid to fleeing slave and Freeman alike. Her formerly enslaved mother’s traditions and the name of a white father she never knew have protected her—until the vicious Confederate Home Guard claims Marlie’s home for their new base of operations in the guerilla war against Southern resistors of the Rebel cause.
Unbeknowst to those under her roof, escaped prisoner Ewan McCall is sheltering in her laboratory. Seemingly a quiet philosopher, Ewan has his own history with the cruel captain of the Home Guard, and a thoughtful but unbending strength Marlie finds irresistible.
When the revelation of a stunning family secret places Marlie’s freedom on the line,  she and Ewan have to run for their lives into the hostile Carolina night. Following the path of the Underground Railroad, they find themselves caught up in a vicious battle that could dash their hopes of love—and freedom—before they ever cross state lines.

Release Date: Nov 28, 2017
Series: The Loyal League
Book: 2
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $9.99


Marlie Lynch uses her knowledge of medicine and science from her former enslaved mother to help the soldiers in the war. She has grown up more privileged than most due to her living with her white relatives but that doesn’t stop her from fighting the battle of slavery. She strikes a deep friendship with Ewan McCall that changes her life forever.

Ewan just escaped a prison camp and finds refugee at Marlie’s medicine room in her house. Under normal circumstances this would be suitable but Marlie’s other relatives arrives and they challenged Marlie’s position in the house. As tension arise, Marlie and Ewan decides to make a run to ensure their safety and freedom.

I had such high hopes for this one. To be fair, I started off comparing it to the first book in the series, An Extraordinary Union. I realized my mistake immediately as I started to delve further into the book. This book is completely different in the emotional aspect of storytelling.

The writing is still superb. I must admit that Ms. Cole has a true talent for historical fiction. She incorporates perfect imagery of the south at a time when it was truly rough for a woman like Marlie to display her independence.  I love reading about our nation’s history. The work is well researched. However, the lack of romance left me wanting more. Marlie and Ewan didn’t hold the same chemistry in my opinion as Malcolm and Elle.

The relationship Marlie has with her family became somewhat of a focal point for me. Marlie goes to live with her half siblings at the tender age of ten. Her mother felt it would give her more than what she could ever give her. Despite the fact that Marlie grew up with her half brother and sister, she was still struggling with her place in the family and her traditions and herbal knowledge from her birth mother.  There is an argument in the book amongst the family members when Marlie realizes just how everyone views her. It was the catalyst for to make peace with running off with Ewan.

I’m still invested in this series and I look forward to the next book. Overall, this addition might be more tailored towards fans of historical fiction.

~ Samantha

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