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Review ❤️ Killer Holiday by Amy Korman

November 6, 2017

killer holiday amy korman

Tis the season for mayhem and mystery . . .

Kristin Clark and her offbeat crew of Bryn Mawr pals are ready for a festive holiday—one that involves sipping Blitzen’s Bourbons by a yule log, hot guys beneath the mistletoe, and a holiday cabaret starring ex-Mafia wife Sophie Shields. But this year, Saint Nick has something more dangerous in store.

A stranger dressed as Santa has Kristin’s friends on his naughty list. First, Sophie’s favorite handbag is blasted by a bullet. Then, Father Christmas shatters local golf-shop owner Chip Delaney’s car window with a 5-iron and leaves a threatening note demanding $50,000. When Chip goes missing, the stakes become deadly.

Much-hated Powerball winner Eula Morris is also back from a luxury cruise, more boastful than ever and toting a handsome new boyfriend (who looks oddly familiar), as well as a Samsonite filled with gold bars. When the suitcase is snatched, Eula implores Kristin and the gang to track it down.

Is Chip on the run, or was he kidnapped? And who stole Eula’s gold? The Killer WASPs and Kristin’s basset hound, Waffles, are on the case—before this white Christmas turns dark . . .

Release Date: Oct 24, 2017
Series:  A Killer WASPs Mystery
Book: 4
Publisher: HarperCollins
Imprint: Witness Impulse
Price: $1.99


Kristin Clark has a wide circle of friends in her home of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. They are all looking forward to their holiday plans, when Kristin’s friend ex-Mafia wife Sophie has a scary encounter with someone dressed as Santa. Then, the brother of another friend has his car vandalized, is threatened, and then disappears. These two events would be too much for others to deal with, especially while preparing for Christmas and New Year’s. However, Eula Morris is able to convince Kristin and her friends to track down a missing suitcase containing gold bars with the promise of a generous reward. Kristin and the rest of the Killer WASPs are on the case and determined to solve it in time to enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Killer Holiday is the fourth in the Killer WASPS series. The main character is Kristin Clark who along with her friends, go to great lengths to catch a thief and get involved in other investigations along the way. I don’t usually have a problem catching up with who’s who in a continuing series, but there is such a large cast of quirky characters, I had a hard time keeping track of everyone. There are at least seven or eight major characters with several other supporting characters that come in and out of the story. I liked Kristin and her diva friend Sophie, but most of the others blur together. I am new to this author, so this could be a series that needs to be followed from the beginning, because I became more and more confused as the book went along. When the main group of the friends get together, their casual, humorous banter is entertaining, but even as clever as some of the one-liners are, they aren’t enough to carry the book.

The main plot is the adventure Kristin and her friends go on to help their frenemy Eula track down her missing suitcase with the gold bars, as well as tracking down the criminal Santa who shot Sophie’s expensive handbag and threatened another friend’s brother. The friends also end up dealing with a bogus investor and a moonshine heist. Individually, these could form the basis of a good mystery, but all together it’s just too much. All of the various subplots are eventually addressed by the conclusion of the book and the ending is cute and upbeat, but it was a long haul getting there.

The light tone of the book, humorous dialog, and crazy situations in the book may appeal to Janet Evanovich fans. The premise of having a group of friends go on a fun caper to solve a mystery is a good one. I think the series would be better if future books focused on fewer plot threads making it easier to follow and fewer characters allowing the reader to better connect with them. Readers who have enjoyed the prior books in this series will like the holiday focus in this installment. New readers intrigued by the book’s premise may want to start at the beginning of the series to slowly get to know the characters instead of being thrown right in.

~ Christine

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