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Review ❤️ Sweet Tea and Sympathy by Molly Harper

November 21, 2017


Nestled on the shore of Lake Sackett, Georgia is the McCready Family Funeral Home and Bait Shop. (What, you have a problem with one-stop shopping?) Two McCready brothers started two separate businesses in the same building back in 1928, and now it’s become one big family affair. And true to form in small Southern towns, family business becomes everybody’s business.

Margot Cary has spent her life immersed in everything Lake Sackett is not. As an elite event planner, Margot’s rubbed elbows with the cream of Chicago society, and made elegance and glamour her business. She’s riding high until one event goes tragically, spectacularly wrong. Now she’s blackballed by the gala set and in dire need of a fresh start—and apparently the McCreadys are in need of an event planner with a tarnished reputation.

As Margot finds her footing in a town where everybody knows not only your name, but what you had for dinner last Saturday night and what you’ll wear to church on Sunday morning, she grudgingly has to admit that there are some things Lake Sackett does better than Chicago—including the dating prospects. Elementary school principal Kyle Archer is a fellow fish-out-of-water who volunteers to show Margot the picture-postcard side of Southern living. The two of them hit it off, but not everybody is happy to see an outsider snapping up one of the town’s most eligible gentleman. Will Margot reel in her handsome fish, or will she have to release her latest catch?

Release Date: Nov 21, 2017
Series: Southern Eclectic
Book: 1
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Imprint: Gallery Books
Price: $7.99

After losing her job and becoming homeless, Margot Cary accepts a job from her Great Aunt Tootie at Lake Sackett, Georgia in her family run Funeral home and Bait shop! She is unsure whether she fits into this world with her eccentric bunch of family members and townsfolk.  Not to mention the cute school principal Kyle Archer. Being estranged from her father is an obstacle that’s also in her way of being accepted.

This is the first time I’ve read a Molly Harper book and although the heat level was sensual and not my usual Hot & Scorching I still really enjoyed this book.

I loved Margot’s family – those McCready’s.  Aunt Tootie ‘Turn the other cheek’ McCready was a hoot.  Even though she was estranged from her father Stan I liked the way their relationship developed over the course of the story.

The townsfolk were great.  Some of my favourite books are based around small town festivals and the regular towns people.  That’s what makes it so special.  There is always that one person that doesn’t like change and sets out to sabotage the hero or heroine’s plans.

I liked how Margot stood up to that bully and revealed a backbone that earns her a lot of respect from her love interest Kyle and other members of the PTA who are trying to make the festival a success.

Sara Lee was the worst.  She’s like one of those high school bullies that you just want to strangle, but instead of stooping to their level, you are jumping with glee when Karma comes to them.

Under normal circumstances, Margot would simply give Sara Lee a smile as warm as lake-effect snow and make some stinging observation that would leave the woman wondering for hours.  But not today.  Sara Lee had just insulted Margot’s father, insulted him in a way that tarnished the sobriety he’d worked so hard for, and Margot found that she took that very, very personally.  A smile so acidic that it burned across Margot’s face.  Several parents stood up and backed away from that smile, clearly unsure of what was to come.  Even Sara Lee looked a little unsteady, but she didn’t move out of Margot’s sights.  Marianne only grinned and rubbed her hands together.  Because Marianne still remembered what happened when she was ousted from the PTA leadership, and she sensed McCready vengeance on the wind.

I did find it a bit slow getting to the sensual parts of the story with Margot and Kyle but in saying that I think Molly did it perfectly for them considering Kyle’s two daughters were an important part of the story.   I felt they were perfect for one another and enjoyed their romance.  They both had past wounds to overcome and they did that wonderfully together.

This is a funny, heart-warming story that will tug at your heart strings and it’s definitely worth a read.

~ Kim

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  1. I’ve been considering this book–loved the review