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Review & Giveaway ❤️ The Rogue is Back in Town by Anna Bennett

January 2, 2018

I’m giving away a print copy of THE ROGUE IS BACK IN TOWN, the third book in Anna Bennett’s The Wayward Wallflowers series to one lucky commenter. Entering is as easy as leaving a comment. Winner will be listed here this week. Good luck!

UPDATE (1/16): The winner is MELLY801

Congrats, Melly! Please email me at contact at smittenbybooks dot com with your snail mail address to collect your book. Also, don’t forget to include the title in your email. You have 3 weeks claim your prize.

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the rogue is back in town anna bennett

Hide your daughters and your maiden aunts…Lord Samuel Travis is back.
The London Hearsay, special society edition

Equal parts scoundrel and seducer, he’s returned to London determined to mend the rift with his older brother. All Sam must do is take possession of a tumbledown town house. A seemingly simple task, except the house is occupied—by an infuriating, whip-smart beauty who refuses to do his bidding.

Miss Juliette Lacey’s wallflower days are over. She has a plan to turn her eccentric family into the toast of the ton—but the devilishly handsome rake trying to oust them from their home thwarts her at every turn. How can one man be so vexing and make her simmer with desire? 
As her attraction to Sam deepens, Julie’s problems grow—she may have, once upon a time, secretly shared a kiss with his honorable older brother. Suddenly, Julie’s caught between a rogue and a marquess, between passion and respectability. Torn between two brothers, what’s a girl to do?

Release Date: Jan 2, 2018
Series: The Wayward Wallflowers
Book: 3
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Macmillan
Imprint: St. Martin’s Press
Price: $7.99

The Rogue is Back in Town
by Anna Bennett follows Lord Samuel Travis’ quest to get back into his brother’s good graces following a major indiscretion involving Sam and an older prominent member of society. His brother asks him to clear out the tenants of a forgotten property belonging to his brother after their father’s death. Sam finds that Miss Juliette Lacey and her eccentric uncle have lived in the house for many years and are more difficult to kick out than originally though. So begins the story of Sam and Julie.

Julie refuses to believe that her uncle is not the true owner of the house and asks for a few weeks to look for proof of this fact. Since Sam has no where else to go, his brother had specifically told him not to return until the property was vacated, he remains as a house guest under the guise of helping the uncle organize his research. Julie and Sam very quickly realize their passion for each other and share many steamy love scenes. Julie also had feelings for Sam’s brother, until she realized that by threatening to kick her out of her home, he was trying to manipulate her to do his bidding. There is an interesting little love triangle that plays out in this book.

The first part of the book was very interesting and funny, I laughed out loud at some of the witty dialogue between Sam, Julie, and her uncle. However the second part of the book went rather quickly through the story and seemed a bit rushed and unfinished. There were many questions left and plot holes that just did not seem very realistic to me. First off, Julie is said to be very close with her two elder sisters who both married very well. If that is the case, then why exactly is she left alone to manage a household and an aging (and clearly a bit crazy) uncle? I would think that her sisters and their husbands would get her a chaperone seeing that she is unwed and living alone with an elderly uncle. I would also think that her family would have a nurse or someone else hired to help care for the uncle, or if he refused care, to assist with his research. It just seemed odd that Sam came knocking on the door threatening eviction and Julie literally had no one to help her with anything.

Another unrealistic example was the quick passion between Julie and Sam that led almost immediately to them getting undressed. This seemed like something Sam, who was a notorious rake, would do – but not Julie who is supposed to be stressed out about being evicted and homeless. Speaking of which, the answer to her problems would be to find a document that states that they have a right to live in the house. However, she does not seem to really be making any effort to look for said document throughout the book, and seems to give up her home rather quickly at the end. And for a notorious rake, Sam seems to rapidly fall in love with Julie after a few days. Their romance is very passionate and I really enjoyed reading the steamy scenes, but it seemed more like lust than love to me.

The novel ends on an okay note. On one hand, Sam starts to make a name for himself and is slowly getting out from requiring his brother’s money. On the other hand, the reader realizes what a terrible person the brother is, and the book ends without a satisfactory ending for him.

Overall, this book was an enjoyable read. I got through it quickly because the conversations were so funny and the romance was fun to read. I do not think it is Anna Bennett’s best work, I think the other two books in this series are much better. But for a quick and fun read over a weekend this book does the trick.

~ Harshita

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