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Review ❤️ The Sins of Lord Lockwood by Meredith Duran

February 28, 2018

the sins of lord lockwood meredith duran


Liam Devaliant, Lord Lockwood, was born into a charmed life. Charismatic, powerful, and wild, he had the world at his feet—and one woman as his aim. His wedding to Anna was meant to be his greatest triumph. Instead, in a single moment, a wicked conspiracy robbed him of his future and freedom.


Four years later, Liam has returned from death with plans for revenge. Standing in his way, though, is his long-absent bride. Once, he adored Anna’s courage. Now it seems like a curse, for Anna refuses to fear or forget him. If she can’t win back Liam’s love, then she means at least to save his soul…no matter the cost.

Release Date: Feb 27, 2018
Series: Rules for the Reckless
Book: 6
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Imprint: Pocket Books
Price: $6.99


Sometimes going to back to an author whom you have not indulged in for quite some time is like visiting an old friend you haven’t seen in years. It takes a few moments to get back in the groove, to flow with the authors writing style and submerge yourself in the world they have created. Ms. Duran does a wonderful job of building the atmosphere of her books and draws her reader into the lives of her characters. I have not read any of the books in this series so I went in blind to this sixth addition in hopes I would not be lost and miss some of the magic. I am happy to say I kept up with any backstory and did not really need to have read the other five books to enjoy this one. However, you can bet I will be picking them up soon.

Liam Devaliant, the Earl of Lockwood, has had a rough few years to say the least. He has returned from the dead to have his revenge on the man who ruined his life and his future. But his plans go array when his estranged wife returns to London and demands he fulfill his duties and help her build her future without him in it.

Anna is a Scottish Countess in her own right and has no need for her obligations to the Lockwood estate. After her husband, whom she thought herself enamoured with, deserted her on their wedding night, she has spent her time seeing to her own interests. But now that he is back, he is going to give her everything she needs to continue her life without him… as long as they both don’t end up complicating matters with a little thing called love.

I love a good back story and this book has it in abundance. Characters that have a history, especially one as colourful and dramatic as Liam’s and Anna’s, sets the reader up for some good old sensual tension and anticipation that gets ratchetted up almost from the first page. I enjoy how they both have to work to win the other one over and to overcome all the hurt they carry around with them. Love is not easy and I am glad that Ms. Duran has not made it a walk in the park for these characters. I had a hard time putting this book down and ended up reading it all in just 2 sittings. One main reason for this is the characters themselves.

Liam is dark. I love me a dark hero and he has some dark depths that that keep coming back to haunt him throughout the book. But so do the giddy, falling in love moments from his past that start to shine a light on the darkness he feels. And that light is in the form of Anna. His strong, demanding, and very managing wife who I adored from the moment I was introduced to her. I love that she wants to heal him but at the same time tries to look out for herself and her own interests. She is one independent girl and that makes her character so much more appealing. Their whole love story is appealing and draws you in… I was 100% invested in not only their happy ending but the healing process they both must endure to get that ending.

I was very pleased with this book and the fact that Lockwood has been a part of two other previous Duran novels. Not only will I need to read all the books in that series now but all five of the previous books in this series too! Highly recommend this book and I hope you take my advice and pick up a few other’s from Ms Duran’s extensive collection… you will not regret it.

~ Danielle

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