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Review ❤️ His Wicked Charm by Candace Camp

April 4, 2018

his wicked charm candance camp

She’s too prim

Lilah Holcutt dislikes Constantine Moreland from the moment she meets him. He may be handsome, but he’s frivolous, rash, impulsive and, worst of all, a flirt. Now that Con’s twin brother has married Lilah’s best friend, she’s seeing way more of Con than she’d like. And when Con’s sisters are inexplicably kidnapped, Lilah’s own curiosity and stubbornness get the better of her, and she finds herself swept into Con’s investigation. 

He’s indifferent to propriety

Con knows that Lilah hates him—he just wishes she weren’t so devastatingly beautiful, that he weren’t so attracted to her. Especially since they’re working closely together to solve the kidnapping, an adventure that leads them to Lilah’s peculiar childhood home, Barrow House, which sits atop an ancient fen and features an eerie maze on its grounds.

They’ll have to join together to conquer a sinister force

The more Con and Lilah uncover, the more they’re convinced that the answers lie buried deep within Barrow House—answers to a mystery darker than either of them could ever have realized.

Release Date: Mar 27, 2018
Series: The Mad Morelands
Book: 6
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: HQN
Price: $5.99

A little part of me was sad to put this book down. Not because anything in the story was particularly sad or the book was disappointing, but because the end of this book symbolises the end of an era and a series that I have come to love like a comfy old sweater. The characters have grown with me through the years since the first 4 books in the series were written and this final book tells the love story of the last Moreland sibling. A part of me had a little cry inside that this would be my last adventure with the Moreland’s so the wonderful ending was a touch bitter sweet.

Constantine Moreland is a fun loving, flirtatious man who appears to never take himself or life too seriously. He puts on silly outfits and masquerades as other people to help solve the cases that come into his investigation agency all while playing the care-free bachelor in society. He is well known throughout the ton as the outgoing twin, the son of a duke and the youngest of the Mad Moreland’s. His family has always been a little odd and dipping into the occult is right in their wheelhouse.  When one heck of a paranormal mystery falls right into his lap… so does Lilah Holcutt, the best friend of his twin’s new bride. They can’t stand each other and can barely spend more than a few moments in the same room together without having an argument.  Somehow, they have to discover the true motivations and target of a kidnapping, navigate a secret society and possibly save the world… possibly. Oh, and try not to fall in love in the process.

I am not a huge fan of books with a strong paranormal storyline but I am totally down for a hint of the mystical and have found this entire series to feed that appetite well. You get a dash of characters with psychic abilities, some ghostly happenings, powerful natural forces, and bonds between characters that transcend the normal links of friendship and love. These aspects add something special to the stories that Ms. Camp has told and this last novel in the series satisfies the reader’s love of romance and their love of all things odd and unexplainable.

I adore how Lilah and Con do everything they can not to admit that they are overwhelmingly attracted to each other and likely fight even more because of it. The little bouts they get in followed by the moments of powerful attraction make for one heck of an interesting love story and one that had me reading this book in 1 sitting on plane ride to Asia. I should have been sleeping but I just couldn’t put it down. The contrast between the easy-going Con and the rigid, stick-to-the-rules Lilah created a wonderful tension which is one of my favorite aspects of a good love story. I don’t want it to be easy, I don’t want it to be a quick ride… I want my leading characters to work for their happily ever after and Ms. Camp gives her readers a very satisfying ending to a well written, magical book.

If you like a good love story filled with sensual tension and a touch of the paranormal, this is a book for you. Hopefully you will be hooked on the wonderful family that is the Moreland’s and pick up the other 5 books in this series as soon as you are done this one. I promise you will not be disappointed in one of the best book series written in the last 15 years, at least in my humble opinion.

~ Danielle

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