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Review ❤️ Inked by Anne Marsh

April 2, 2018

inked anne marsh

Bankers and bad boys don’t mix

So why is she getting under his skin?

Harper, a buttoned-up banker, is a tattoo virgin before Vik draws her first ink. And once the bad-boy biker lays his hands on the beautiful canvas of her body, he’s addicted! Harper says the two of them could never mix outside of the bedroom—but she’s finding that she wants the feeling of Vik’s touch to last forever.

Sexy. Passionate. Bold. Discover Harlequin DARE, a new line of fun, edgy and sexually explicit romances for the fearless female.

Release Date: Apr 1, 2018
Series: Hard Riders MC
Book: 1
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Harlequin
Imprint: DARE
Price: $3.99


Harper just got kicked to the curb by her boyfriend. A drunk and crazy night out with the girls leads her to Vik’s tattoo shop. She is tired of being the good girl. She wants to live it up a bit and getting tatted is the perfect start. It doesn’t hurt that Vik is hot and they shared a moment in high school.

I liked Harper. She quickly shed her good girl persona and got down and dirty with Vik. He didn’t remember her and she never mentioned their past interaction. I kind of wanted to know more about that but in the grand scheme of things, it really didn’t matter.

I liked Vik as a main character but there is very little to him outside of his good looks and great body. He is very sweet and kind but I don’t know more to him. I have to chalk a lot of the missing pieces up to the length of the book but I think that is still a poor excuse since Vik swears up and down that he is only good as a sex buddy. Why is he so closed off?

I saw the set up for Harper getting her heart broken a mile away and it annoyed me. The ending was too rushed. Vik literally came around in one chapter and it took away from their HEA. There is a lot of substance that could have been added to the story to make it just perfect.

I enjoyed this one way better than the first book in the series. I look forward to seeing other members of the club fall in love.

~ Samantha

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