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Review ❤️ Strategic Seduction by Cheris Hodges

April 30, 2018

strategic seduction cheris hodges

Alicia Michaels needs a major career reboot, so she’s got no time for romance. But starting over in Atlanta is an uphill battle for the cautious PR rep—especially after she teams up with wealthy Richmond Crawford on a make-or-break project. For one thing, the risk-taking entrepreneur is nothing like the staid businessman he used to be. For another, she and Richmond can’t see  eye-to-eye on anything—except that the reckless attraction between them is sizzling, off-the-charts trouble . . . 

Playing by the rules got Richmond betrayal from his rich family—and shattering heartbreak. He’s got to prove he can be his own man, so keeping things strictly-business with Alicia is the smart play. Still, even their conflicts only make Richmond want more of her honesty and courage. But a shocking revelation will endanger everything they’re fighting to build. And making things right could be the final deal breaker . . .  

Release Date: Apr 24, 2018
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Kensington
Imprint: Dafina
Price: $5.99

Alicia is in Atlanta trying to build her reputation as a successful PR rep. One of her best friends introduces Alicia to her brother in law, Richmond. Alicia agrees to show Richmond around as he has just relocated from New York. The two start up an easy friendship that leads to something more.

The premise of the book sounds good. Two career minded people working on a project together. They fight and have this amazing tension and chemistry together. Sounds like a winner? Yes, but unfortunately this was not the case here. Alicia and Richmond fall into an easy work relationship and spend most of their time together. They eventually fall into bed and proclaim their love for one another.

The author throws in a contrived blackmail scheme that falls short to bring some drama and angst to the situation. I didn’t understand why Richmond didn’t call anyone in to help as he has all of this money and resources. He continued to entertain his blackmailer. The whole scheme was wrapped up too nicely at the end.

I hate when I’m utterly disappointed in a book. This one just didn’t measure up. The writing style is very basic. The characters fell flat and I didn’t connect with the main characters or the entourage of secondary characters. They all acted like college students who were in each other’s business.  Overall, the story is forgettable and I don’t recommend this to anyone.

~ Samantha

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