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Review ❤️ I Flipping Love You by Helena Hunting

June 7, 2018

i flipping love you helena hunting

Rian Sutter doesn’t usually get hit on in the grocery store, but when she notices a sexy man in a suit checking her out, she thinks maybe it’s her lucky day. Either that or the suit has a thing for sweaty, yoga-pant wearing women with excellent price matching skills.

Turns out it’s neither.

Pierce Whitfield can’t believe his luck when he’s able to track down the woman who scratched up the paint job on his car at the scene of the crime. But when he confronts the hit and run hottie, he discovers there’s not just one, but two of them, and he’s been throwing accusations at the wrong twin.

As repair costs are negotiated, and the chemistry between them flares, Rian and Pierce find out they have more than mutual attraction in common. They’re both vying for the same pieces of prime real estate in The Hamptons and neither one plans to give up without a fight.

Can these passionate rivals turn up the heat on their budding romance—without burning down the house?

Release Date: May 29, 2018
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Imprint: SMP Romance
Price: $4.99


It is so rare that I tend to really enjoy all the books in a series. Helena Hunting knows just the right trick to spark humor, romance and downright fun in her books.

Rian Sutter and her twin sister Marley are trying to recover from the scandal her parents caused. The embarrassment runs deep but they finally got a hold of their finances by flipping houses in the Hamptons. They have the whole summer lined up full of plans and Rian is determined to stay on track.

Rian is out at the supermarket when Pierce Whitfield starts stalking her. She is ready to fight him off when he insists that she hit his car. Appalled and weary of him, they start a tense but yet funny banter only to find out it was Marley who hit his car.

Pierce uses this to his advantage to pursue Rian. He is attracted to her sass, beauty and brains. She is a bit of a mathematical genius. Pretty soon the chase is on and the chemistry is explosive. The lead up to first kiss was so intense that I knew the love making would be on fire.

When I finally get to her chin, I bite, not hard, but enough that she sucks in a breath. I tip her head down and flick my tongue out, skimming her top lip. Her hand tightens on the back of my neck again and I loosen my fingers in her hair. As soon as I do, our mouths connect like two meteors colliding.

Once Pierce and Rian discover that they have been competing for the same houses, the relationship is strained as Rian wants to keep things strictly professional. Rian has trust issues and she can’t help to doubt his intentions as they move further along. Pierce refuses to let up on her after their explosive encounters but Rian holds back a lot of her past because she is afraid of what he might think of her. When her back story is finally revealed, I think Pierce handles it well. I felt so bad for Rian. She carried a lot and her HEA is well deserving and of course, Pierce does it right.

What I love about this story is that Pierce knows what he wants. He embraces his emotions every step of the way and he is not afraid to fight for her. He shows her what it is to be loved. He breaks down the wall to her heart and goes in full force.

As always the humor is spot on and not forced. I like Marley and wish we got to see more of her. She seems so full of life. Lawson added a bit more of comic relief. A few faces from the past books (Amalie and Lex) make appearances which is a nice bonus.

I think fans of romantic comedy will really enjoy this stand alone addition to the series.

~ Samantha


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