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Cover Reveal & Excerpt ❖ Bona Fide Beauty by Landra Graf

August 1, 2018


Cover Reveal & Excerpt ❖ Bona Fide Beauty by Landra Graf

She’s going to lose her house. 

Kathleen Baum has four months to complete the city’s required code changes to her grandma’s home. Otherwise, she loses it. Strapped for cash, Kat’s only way to get the funds is to bargain with her devil cousin. She agrees to an unwanted makeover, but she’s not good at taking direction, pretend or not.

He’s going to lose his business. 

Devid Esposito has worked all his life to build a successful image consulting company, but if he doesn’t start bringing in new clients the business will be bankrupt in three months. The board is ready to oust him when his partner, Kat’s cousin, enters with the opportunity to get his mojo back; all he needs to do is help Kat, with a makeover. Unfortunately, Dev doesn’t take on female clients anymore since the last one broke his heart and used his tips against him. 

When they find out they have a common enemy, his heart-breaking client is her code-breaking-whistleblower, and the easiest way to bring the foe down is to accept the other’s help. Losing their hearts to each other was the one thing they didn’t plan for.

Release Date: Aug 28, 2018 (reissue)
Series: Bona Fide
Book: 1
Price: $4.99


“I realize you’re spoon-shaped.”

She paused her movements, breakfast sandwich already released from its packaging and on a one-way collision with her mouth. “What’s that mean?”

“Nothing. Forget I said it.” Dev opened the passenger-side door of his BMW car. A fancy car.

“It’s not nothing. What kind of spoon are we talking about?” She slid into the leather seat before taking the next bite of her sandwich— a delicious egg and cheese concoction on a perfectly toasted English muffin.

“Doesn’t matter,” he replied before he shut her door and walked around to the driver’s side. He acted like a gentleman and reminded her of one of those heroes she’d watched from her movies yesterday. The little gestures, breakfast, opening and shutting doors. What was next? Would he dab any cheese that got on her face?

Once he’d gotten settled into his seat, she lit in again. “Matters to me. Are you a spoon?”

Dev chuckled. “No.”

The car roared to life beneath them, and she set the sandwich in her lap to get her seatbelt on and then resumed eating. She took another bite of heaven before continuing with the conversation. The silence brought even more worries to her mind. “And if we’re on the subject of spoons, I would rather be a teaspoon than, say, a soup spoon. I’d be horrified if someone called me a serving spoon.”

“Forget the spoon.” Dev glanced over his shoulder before turning the wheel to guide the car into the street. “You can be a teaspoon… Well, no maybe you’re a soup spoon.”

Kat swallowed her latest bite rather harshly, and it hurt as much as his comment. “Excuse me, did you just call me fat?”

His eyes were on the road. The only signal he had any guilt or concern about his last sentence was the way a finger slipped beneath his shirt collar and tugged it away from his neck. “No, not fat, but more proportioned, like the beauties of Italy. It means I have something to work with.”

“Nice save.”

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