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Review ❤️ Treacherous is the Night by Anna Lee Huber

September 26, 2018


In 1919 England, in the shadow of The Great War, many look to the spirit world for answers. But it will take an all too earthbound intrigue to draw in the discerning heroine of Anna Lee Huber’s latest mystery . . . 

It’s not that Verity Kent doesn’t sympathize with those eager to make contact with lost loved ones. After all, she once believed herself a war widow. But now that she’s discovered Sidney is very much alive, Verity is having enough trouble connecting with her estranged husband, never mind the dead. Still, at a friend’s behest, Verity attends a séance, where she encounters the man who still looms between her and Sidney—and a medium who channels a woman Verity once worked with in the Secret Service. Refusing to believe her former fellow spy is dead, Verity is determined to uncover the source of the spiritualist’s top secret revelation.
Then the medium is murdered—and Verity’s investigation is suddenly thwarted. Even Secret Service agents she once trusted turn their backs on her. Undaunted, Verity heads to war-torn Belgium, with Sidney by her side. But as they draw ever closer to the danger, Verity wonders if she’s about to learn the true meaning of till death do us part . . .

Release Date: Sep 25, 2018
Series: A Verity Kent Mystery
Book: 2
Heat Level: Sensual
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $9.99


Treacherous is the Night by Anna Lee Huber is the second book in the Verity Kent historical mystery series. It picks up right where the first book left off with Verity adjusting to her new life outside of the Secret Service with Sydney, her previously thought dead husband. In this book Verity attends a séance that leads her to Belgium and France with Sydney to investigate a mystery surrounding one of the intelligence agents, Emelie, who she had worked with during World War I. The séance led Verity to believe that Emelie, who was also a friend, may be in some sort of danger. The more Verity looks into finding her agent friend, the more the mystery deepens and the danger increases.   

As Verity and Sydney navigate through this mystery as well as their relationship, we begin to learn more about Verity’s past with the Secret Service as well as Sydney’s experiences in the military. Verity and Sydney’s five year wedding anniversary is looming in the near future, but both have not spent more than a few months together in total due to the war. They both have a lot of secrets and past hurts from the war that they need to confide in each other before they can move on with their relationship. It is really nice to obverse how their relationship progresses from not really speaking much in the beginning to building their new normal. It felt very organic and not forced for the sake of a happy ending.  

This book is immensely well developed with a great story line and characters with a lot of depth. It is captivating and suspenseful and as the reader you really feel as if you are on the ground with Verity and helping to solve this puzzle. Often mystery novels can be predictable, and I end up guessing who the villain is quickly. However, this one left me guessing until the very end – it was very well developed and had twists and turns that I could not have predicted. 

The only one negative I can say about this book is that Verity’s old friend Max, who had a prominent role in the first book, did not have more than a sideline story in this one. I hope the future books with have more of Max in them!

I highly recommend this book for those who love historical settings with mystery and romance. You will learn about the war and the roles of both women and men during it. Add that to the slow romance at the core of the book and the exciting drama surrounding it all – and you have a winner (in my opinion)!

~ Harshita

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