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Review ❤️ Overkilt by Kaitlyn Dunnett

November 1, 2018

overkilt kaitlyn dunnett

Liss MacCrimmon’s meddlesome mother is back in Moosetookalook, Maine, to serve a hefty portion of trouble in time for Thanksgiving. But when a scandalous murder case threatens to leave Liss alone at the table, family drama takes on a terrifying new meaning . . . 
While Liss preps the Scottish Emporium for November’s inevitable shopping rush, other local businesses aren’t half as lucky. Year after year, her father-in-law’s rustic hotel can barely turn a profit during the stretch between autumn’s peak and ski season. Except this time, Mr. Ruskin realizes that the recipe for success lies in enticing an untapped niche clientele—childless couples desperate for a holiday away from family . . .
The unusual marketing tactic has everyone in Moosetookalook talking. Unfortunately, it also inspires a scathing social media campaign aimed at persuading tourists to boycott the hotel for affronting family values. Liss dismisses the bad publicity as being totally “overkilt”—until angry mobs fill the streets, the troublemaker who started it all turns up dead, and her loved ones are suspected of murder . . . 
With so much at stake, Liss can’t possibly follow police orders to stay out of the investigation. There’s just one wee problem: saving her own clan could mean sending a friend or two behind bars. Now—partly helped, partly hindered by her difficult mother—Liss must digest a slew of unsettling clues and catch the real killer . . . or else everything she’s ever been thankful for may vanish before her eyes.

Release Date: Oct 30, 2018
Series: A Liss MacCrimmon Mystery
Book: 12
Publisher: Kensington
Price: $12.99


Liss MacCrimmon and other shop owners in Moosetookalook, Maine are preparing for the busy holiday shopping season. Liss’s father-in-law’s hotel is offering a unique Thanksgiving dinner aimed at couples without children who are looking for a special way to spend the holiday. This promotion triggers protests and an online hate campaign started by members of a local group who feel the dinner violates “traditional” family values.  The hate campaign expands and soon Liss’s shop, The Scottish Emporium, also becomes a target. When a member of the group is murdered, many people close to Liss become suspects. Liss refuses to stand by and see her family and friends under suspicion for something they didn’t do and launches her own investigation to find the killer.

I have read a few of the prior books in this series and found them entertaining. I like Overkilt but it wasn’t my favorite in the series. Liss is a thorough investigator as usual. She doesn’t hesitate to turn to other residents in the town to help her research the New Age Pilgrims, the groups that are behind the hateful, bigoted remarks aimed at her and her family.  I like Liss’s loyalty and the way the story shows how something like this can get out of hand in today’s digital age. The smear campaign goes on too long, though, at the expense of scenes showcasing the loving relationship between Liss and Dan. There is so much going on with the “Pilgrims” that the  close moments between the couple, usually among my favorite parts of these books, are lacking. In addition, Liss has a unique job on her résumé; she was once a former professional Scottish dancer. However, I was disappointed that this doesn’t play a role in the story like it has in some of the other books.

The book wraps up with a surprising conclusion that was satisfying for the characters of Moosetookalook as well as readers. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing how Liss’s often critical mom is at least trying to have a better relationship with her daughter and also makes a meaningful contribution to the investigation. New readers will enjoy meeting the characters, and may also want to check out some of the earlier books in this well-written series.

~ Christine

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