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Review ❤️ Want Me Cowboy by Maisey Yates

November 8, 2018

want me cowboy maisey yates

Her rancher boss is looking for the perfect wife…

and she wants the job!

Poppy Sinclair kept her feelings for Isaiah Grayson secret for a decade. When her infuriatingly gorgeous Stetson-wearing boss enlists her help in finding him a convenient wife, she threatens to quit. Until Isaiah counters with an interesting proposal: Why doesn’t she marry him? Can she say yes to sharing his life and his bed, but not his heart?

Release Date: Nov 6, 2018
Series: Copper Ridge
Book: 2
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Harlequin 
Imprint: Harlequin Desire
Price: $3.99


It’s been a little bit since I read a Maisey Yates book, and a Copper Ridge cowboy book to boot. I’ve been a fan of Yates before Cooper Ridge was a ten plus book series with a spin-off. And I’ll be the first to proudly admit, she still has it.

Yates brings certain flair with words and a fantastic way of make the pages speed by without a second thought. I started this book in the late evening and found myself up long past my bed time reading about the grouchy, completely logical Isaiah Grayson and his adoring, efficient secretary, Poppy Sinclair. Who doesn’t love a boss romance?

Now, since this is Harlequin Desire, the book doesn’t get the full length treatment that I normally enjoy. So I was a little disappointed that Poppy and Isaiah’s tumble down the romance hole had to be sped up a bit. Though the way Yates increases the pace works, and the ticking time bombs that carry the story further are well placed.

About our hero, as mentioned before Isaiah is Mr. Analytical. He sees things as numbers and everything is math based. If he can’t solve it with math it’s a problem and he often lives so deep inside his head he never sees what’s right in front of him. Exactly why Poppy is pining after a man who hasn’t woken up yet. Thankfully, Isaiah does wake up and his attraction to Poppy is fantastic and fierce. Nothing gets me more excited than a man in control unraveling because he’s found the one he’s meant to be with.

Our dear Poppy has a lot further to come. She grew up without a family, and has always loved Isaiah. She deserves so much more than the cold, clinical arrangement Isaiah is offering. Though having a family to call her own is a tempting prospect, as well as getting Isaiah in bed. When more than feelings become a factor, both Poppy and Isaiah have to make some quick decisions. Yates does well-developed job of creating conflict and providing opportunities for growth. I liked both characters and am considering reading the other stories about Isaiah’s siblings to get an earlier peek at Poppy and Isaiah.

If you’re looking for a dash of sweet, a dose of hot-in-the-sweets, Christmas romance then I recommend you check out Want Me Cowboy.

~ Landra

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