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Review ❤️ The Fearless King by Katee Roberts

February 14, 2019

the fearless king katee robert
Journey King is an expert at managing the family business. But when her father returns to Houston hell-bent on making a play for the company, Journey will do anything to stop him, even if that means going to Frank Evans for help. Frank deals in information, the dirtier the better. Rugged and rock solid, he’s by far her best ally — and also the most dangerous.
Frank knows better than to get tangled up with the Kings. But something about Journey’s rare vulnerability drags him deep into enemy territory… and into her darkest past. Pretending to be her boyfriend may be necessary for their plan to work, but Frank soon finds helping Journey is much more than just another job – and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Release Date: Feb 5, 2019
Series: The Kings
Book: 2
Heat Level: Hot
Publisher: Grand Central
Imprint: Forever
Price: $5.99


Robert blends suspense with erotic romance with a delicious enemies to lovers tale.

The Fearless King is my first Robert’s novel. Call me ‘pleasantly surprised’, as I dove into this story and found myself lost in the pages. For the second book in the series, this one stands alone very well and with enemies to lover’s trope, the fake boyfriend trope, and possible corporate espionage I got sucked in fast.

When I first saw the cover and the blurb, I believed this book centered on the hero, Frank, but come to find out the heroine, Journey is the King specified. I can’t go into details without ruining the story, but let’s just say the heroine had a lot of demons to overcome. The hero merely provides her with the chance to face them and come out stronger in the end.

The internal conflict of this story involves those darker elements; I was surprised by them, but not overwhelmed. Fans who enjoy characters with dark backstories will like what their heroine and hero bring to the table. The dark pasts don’t stop Journey or Frank from connecting with each other in the present, if anything those demons lingering help them connect to one another.

Dialogue and interactions are on point. With the tension thicker than a New York style cheesecake. How the pair fall for each is equally enjoyable. And though they come together a little fast, this doesn’t constitute as insta-lust since the two characters have had business dealings in the past.

There are secondary plot elements that help set up future books, and create a sense of loyalty to Journey and her siblings. I’m interested to see that every single one of the King’s gets their HEA. If Roberts other books are anything like this one, I’ll definitely keep reading. Her stories have a hint of suspense and play out similar to a psychological thriller with plenty of high heat and erotic elements.

If you’ve enjoyed Beth Kery in the past you’ll like Roberts. Personally, I am going to mine her backlist.

~ Landra

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